Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Other things may change us, but we start and end with family!

Ms. Mckenzie with Claire. She is my Uncle Robert "Merc" and Aunt Tiffany's daughter. Isn't she pretty! She is sweet as can be too!

Cousin C.J. with Kyndall. He was getting ready to leave for the homecoming dance. Growing up he was my baby! Can't believe that he is in high school now. Time flies!!

Kyndall and her favorite playtime buddy cousin Nic! She would stand by the door and holler "nicholas, nicholas, wanting him to come over and play after he got off the school bus. She loves him soooo much!

My cousin Megan with the twins. She was sweet and brave enough to watch all three kids for me one night so that I could go out with my friends when I was home. Thanks Megs!!!

Just thinking about my great family tonight so I thought I would post a few photos of them from my trip to Nebraska! Love you guys!!!

I love FALL!!

My favorite flags and the wheelbarrow that Jordan will never let me live down. I gave waaaayyyy too much for it!

Haybales, mums and pumpkins if that doesn't say fall I don't know what does!

Just another shot of my porch.

Not that I ever need an excuse to decorate, but there is just something about getting all my fall stuff out every year that brings a smile to my face. When that time of year rolls around and the air gets a little more crisp it stirs something within me. Maybe it is that we are that much closer to Christmas. Or maybe i realize that the year will be ending shortly and I better enjoy the last few months. Whatever it is, fall is a time of year that I never get tired of. Bring on the pumpkins and mums!!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

My weekend in 500 words or less.....

Saturday night we went to the hayride @ the Miller's. Pictured above: the Yoder gals Alma, Erma and Velma a.ka....Andrea, Brandie and Ivana..... who laughed almost the entire time. (not pictured-Herma Yoder, who incidentally is kinda a hermit!) Kyndall rode in the tractor with Brian and Micca. They accidentally broke out the back glass of the tractor during the ride but no major injuries were sustained unless you count some glass down Brian's pants!! Luckily Micca had a blanket she quickly covered Kyndall with.... Thank goodness! Claire and Keaton got to each have one-on-one time of their own. Keaton with Angel and Joe and Claire with granmom. I am sure they loved having all the attention to themselves!

Somehow I ended up chaperoning the church youth at the sleepover after the hayride with the rest of the Yoder clan and laughed all night long hysterically. We attempted to sing and dance and take silly pictures(see above) like we were 16 again. Which we quickly found out the next day we are not. 1 hour sleep is for the birds when you are past 25! However, I can do the Soulja Boy and Cupid Shuffle now, which I just know will be useful later in life!

I attempted to take Kyndall's picture on our porch before heading to trunk or treat @ church. Still have no tricks to make a two year old smile or look directly at the camera at the same time! SHEW!

Then I watched the two most adorable babies dress up as a lady bug (Claire) and a monkey (Keaton) and enjoy their first Halloween adventure! They stayed at the trunk with granmom handing out candy and of course being oohed and aahed over!

Miraculously I got a photo of all three of my kiddos looking in somewhat the same direction towards the camera. Note to self: if all other photo options fail you may see this on our Christmas card come December! Kyndall had a great time going around and collecting treats from everyone. She was thrilled that her buddy Jacob (Brittany's BF) showed up to see her and hung out with them most the rest of the evening.

Kyndall and Keaton both won prizes in the costume contests! I was so proud! Claire was just as happy as the winners because she got to be passed around and loved on by several different folks!

And that is about it. I am only posting this so quickly so that my MIL can see some photos at school tomorrow. I should be using this moment of free time to start chores. But here I sit. In other news all three kiddos are sick with the yucks...runny nose, cough, sore throat. So we will be making a visit to Dr. Patty bright and early tomorrow @ 9:15. I know to most of you that doesn't sound early, but to someone who has to wake, dress and feed 3 kids and get them to B.G. trust me it is!

I promise to try to do better about blogging. Most of you loyal readers have fussed at me. I have been kind of on a slow start since getting back to my trip. But in my defense last week was tragic, crazy and hectic all wrapped into one. And well, with sick kids, you know how that goes. But I will try to do better! Everyone have a good week and be sure to tell the ones you love just that! :)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Back to my regularly scheduled programming......

Not to mention the little luxuries of my regular life (like two baby swings, my computer, and my DVR!) in my regular house, with my regular kiddos, in regular old Scottsville KY. And let me tell you I am loving it!!!! I realize how many small wonderful things I took for granted on a daily basis. Taking my trip to Nebraska and caring for all three babies for a month all by myself made me very grateful for the things that I have at home. Don't get me wrong it was a great trip. It was awesome to see all my family and we all got out to do some fun stuff. But when you become the one and only care giver 24/7 to three little ones it makes you figure out quick that the people and things in your life at home are not to be taken for granted! :)

So for now I am at home again. Jordan has gone out of town this week to work and I am on my own with the 3 kiddos again 24/7. But as long as my DVR doesn't quit, the DSL stays connected and the babies enjoy their swings. I have a feeling it will all be just fine!

I still have a ton of unpacking to do. Luckily I am mostly caught up on laundry. Which is a small miracle within itself. So once I get all of Kyndall and Keaton's stuff put away I will be through. I got all Claires done and organized yesterday. SHEW! Not sure how much posting I will be doing until it all gets back to normal around here and my bags are all unpacked. But I just wanted to take a minute this morning and remind everyone to be thankful for the things in their life no matter how small, or seemingly unimportant. Afterall to most being able to rewind your favorite tv show after three kids have screamed thru it for a half hour may not seem like a big deal to most.....but for me it is one of those luxuries that is sweet, sweet, sweet! Talk to ya all soon! :)

Happy Monday!!