Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Outside my window... a yard that will have a "for sale" sign in it soon! Hooray!!!!

I am thinking... about the many blessings in my life! My husband, my children, my aunts, uncles and cousins. A roof over my head. A loving church family! I could go on and on!

I am thankful for... a husband that always helps me with our children and plays and equal role in their lives.

From the kitchen... I need to find some breakfast, even though it is almost noon! LOL!

I am wearing... comfy terry cloth capris and my Nebraska Volleyball t-shirt.

I am creating... in my mind. I haven't quite made the time this summer to get down to my studio and scrap! But I will soon!!!

I am going... to get some household things organized today, and maybe even fold some laundry. I know ambitious!

I'm reading... lots of new blogs that I have found from twopeasinabucket.

I am hoping... to get back home to Nebraska before Kyndall starts school!

I am hearing... the soft noise of my ceiling fan and "Zee Fronk" on Disney channel.

Around the house... Keaton is packing around a set of stacking cups, several ride on toys have been drug out and abandoned, Kyndall is watching t.v. and rocking her baby, Claire is eating leftover fruit loops out of her high chair seat! LOL! Just a typical day!

One of my favorite things... hanging out with Kyndall while she swims at the pool and goes down the frog slide. It is the ultimate summer treat!

A few plans for the rest of the week... send some birthday wishes to some friends and family, more pool time with the kiddos, hang with the kids while Jordan gets to enjoy his early b-day gift with his brother (Hank Williams Jr. concert)!

A picture to share... Kyndall and Jae enjoying some serious pooltime at the country club! I love this pic cause I have one of them last year in the exact same pose. I can't wait to compare them and see how each of them have changed!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

16 years ago today............

This fella was the only little baby in my life! Wow how times have changed! LOL! It is so funny to look at pics now and see him interacting with my own kids. Time sure does fly! I am so proud of the man you are becoming C.J.! You are funny, honest, loyal, and a great person to be around. I was blessed to be able to spend several days with him when my family came to visit in May. I love him to much, and will always think of him as the little guy who used to suck on my chin as a baby! Bet he will love when I tell his girlfriends that story someday!!!!

HAPPY 16th BIRTHDAY C.J.---You are truly one in a million! I love ya!!!!

Monday, June 22, 2009


That is how balancing my life in Kentucky with my family in Nebraska has been for me lately. A struggle. Really all the things that have been bothering me most are out of my control. (As most things are!) But anyone that knows me understands that I am a control freak and sometimes it can get the best of me! I have been hurting for two members of my family, that are going through rough patches in life at the moment. One cousin is dealing with a hard break up after a long relationship and another is dealing with losing a friend due to a tragic car accident. Both these things have seemed to just really weigh my spirit down the past two weeks. I need to find a way to bring the sunshine back into my life.

I am letting the guilt of not being in Nebraska to help them through this hang over me. I am sure they understand that I am here and this is where my life is for the moment. But that doesn't seem to comfort me. For the past few days I have been beating myself up over it. I need to quit. I am hoping that putting a few things in words will help me release it from my heart.

I need to re-focus. I have let worry creep into the places where prayer needs to be. Don't get me wrong, I have surely been praying, but not as often as I should or I can guarantee things would not have gotten this sorrowful for me. I just want to take both these girls pain away. Bear it myself so that they won't have too. I feel like being far away from home I can't do that. But I know all these things that are causing this pain are in God's plan. He is in control and when my cousins come out on the other side of these hardships they will be better stronger people. I have faced many hardships in my life, watching physical and emotional violence as a child, being placed in foster care, my mom dying when I was ten, surviving years of sexual abuse, alcholism and drug use of my parents. As horrible as all those things were, had I experienced even one minute less of any of, I wouldn't be the person I am today. I have faced many struggles and overcame them as best as I could. I hope and pray that these girls will do the same. It is not always easy to see at the time, but God's plan is always there. I just want them to trust in him and not lose sight that the Lord will lead them in the right direction.

My facebook status reads tonight "Where there is no struggle, there is no strength." A quote from Oprah. I have true faith in that. Jamie and Megan's struggles right now will turn into strength in the long run. Maybe when they least expect it. For now all I can do is let them know I love them no matter where in the world I am. Hopefully our bond is strong enough for them to feel my hugs and love even several states away.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Stormy weather!!

We have had some really strong storms roll through our area the past few weeks. I am not a big fan of thunder or lightning, but if we are going to get it I much prefer it in the day vs. the night! :) Earlier this week, while in the kitchen fixing lunch, I noticed these clouds right outside my window. Of course I had no idea we were even expecting any rough weather, the kids had Noggin on and they don't give me breaking storm news! LOL! The clouds were moving so quickly, that I really didn't think anything would materialize around us. So I went out on the porch and snapped a few shots. Within about five minutes these clouds had pushed on through and pulled in a glorious storm, full of thunder and lighting. Since there were no tornado watches in effect for our county, I went ahead and did the usual lunch routine with the kiddos. None of them were scared by the large lightning flashes or big booms of thunder. Kyndall asked what it was the first time, and then after that kept telling her bubby and sis "It's okay guys, just 'tormin'!" LOL! So cute! Their biggest beef with the whole storm was it knocked out our cable for a little while. They couldn't understand why I couldn't turn Yo Gabba Gabba back on for them! :) Oh to be a kid again! When that is your biggest worry! So needless to say, we rode out the storm. The grass and flowers outside all got a good healthy drink, and we have some pretty neat pics. Although, I don't think we will take up a career as storm chasers, it was neat to see the whole thing develop and know we were safe and sound!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Forgive my tardiness......

but I am still so proud of my girls! :)

Claire and Kyndall both did the Ms. & Mr. Barren River Pageant last Saturday and despite it being a long day with lots of waiting did AWESOME once they went on stage!!!

Claire was in a category with other girls her age (from 13 months-18 months) and won 2nd place! She did great on stage. Standing up by herself for a bit, and waving at the judges some. She also did a little foot stompin' dance which must have won her some personality points!!! Even though her behaviour off-stage was a little wild, she still did a good job when it counted most! Once they handed her a trophy she was a happy camper. It was a new "toy" to play with and she enjoyed chewing on it for the ride home!

Kyndall was in the 24-35 months age group and she did a great job also. She walked up onto the stage without hesitation. I went with her, but this is the first time ever that we didn't have to pack her out there and set her down. She smiled, waved and blew her kisses just like we had practiced. She kept talking about getting a kings crown (like the little boys had won) She got mad for a few minutes when we had to leave the stage the first time cause she didn't get to take one with her. But she was happy once awards were announced! She got third place and they handed her a trophy. It had a beauty queen on it and she kept saying "look mommy a queen on it!" She packed it around the rest of the day!

This will be one of the many pageants that we plan to do this summer. Kyndall is at an age where she is really enjoying them. And despite Claire's ornery streak, she seems to like being in front of the crowd too!

Below are just a few of the photos Jordan took that day. I love my girls!!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wordless Wednesday!

Claire and her daddy waiting on her turn at the Little Miss Barren River Pageant! :)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

"Other things may change us, but we start and end with family" ---Desmond TuTu

I was blessed to be able to spend three whole days with these fabulous faces!!! The ones I love the mostest! My Aunt Amy and cousins C.J. and Nicholas came to visit me along with a great family friend Laurie (didn't get any shots of us together darn it!) We had such a great time together, and I was supremely spoiled by them helping with meals, dishes, laundry and the kiddos the whole time they were here! Needless to say I was very, very sad to see them go, and not just because of their housekeeping help! LOL! I love them all dearly and can't wait to get to go back to Nebraska sometime this summer for another visit.

These faces are truly my heart and soul. These are my people, they are what have shaped me into what I am today. They are the most important part of my life even though they are hours away. I will always cherish these pictures because they show that no matter what the distance between us at the moment, my kids still have more family that loves them than they will ever know. No matter how long the time in between visits, it is always easy for us all to pick up right where we left off. That is the joy of family....true family...comfortable, easy and fun! I love these guys!!!

Sorry to be such a slackin' blogger, but as you can see I have been enjoying time with those closest to my heart, and nothing can top that! I will do a little better once I get through the next few weeks which will be filled with pageants, VBS prep and a week full of Boomerang Express!! WOO HOO!!! You know I will be a picture postin' fool once all that is over! LOL!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!!