Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wordless Wednesday!

Well maybe just a few words.....I am still sick.....with the stinks! I will take this as my lesson to always get my flu shot. Always. Always. Always! I make my kids do it, so I should too!!! I have not been sick for this long in a very, very, very long time. I will be doing the happy dance when it is all said and done. So once the sickness leaves I promise to be a better blogger, but for now you will have to be satisfied with some cute pics of my beautiful kiddos (if I do say so myself) ! Happy Wednesday everyone, hope your health is better than mine at the moment! :P

Claire with my empty water from working out. This thing is as big as she is, almost! :)

All smiles! Although she looks like she is up to no good! What a stinker!!!

My sweet boy and his handsome little face! Such a cutie pie!

Keaton on the move! This boy finally has crawling figured out and he is pretty speedy too!!

Kyndall showing off her new fake smile. Most of the time she won't have anything to do with my camera, but on the rare chance she does we get something like this! Shew...Hollywood here we come! LOL!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

New scrappin' love!

Just wanted to share a few projects that I finished up here lately. Not all of them are exactly new, some of them were started months ago, but were still missing a little something. I added journaling to a few, embellishments here and there, and just some this and that! The important thing is now they are officially completed and safe and sound in Kyndall's album and our family album. I am wishing for some more scrappin' time in the near future. Let's see if the craft fairy grants it or not!

We had a busy weekend and I am still under the weather. So tonight it is out of my norm and early to bed. Even though it is already 10:30....I have promised Jordan I would come to be before 11, so I will update tomorrow on the events of our fun past few days! Hope everyone enjoyed their Friday-Sunday! TTFN!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

knee deep in kids stuff!

Hi everyone! I have been slackin' on the bloggin' lately due to sickness and just overall busy-ness at my house! I am glad to report that I am feeling a lot better and so is Keaton. I wish I could say the same for Ms. Claire. On top of her sinus infection she has popped another tooth, this time on the top and she is really in miserable teething mode. I feel so sorry for her. I can tell she is really feeling down cause for the past few days she has just wanted to be held and cuddled and close to me. For a girl that is usually always on the go and can't even stop to take a bottle, that is a huge difference. So I am hoping and praying that in a few more days the sinus infection will clear up. She finished her antibiotic today, so it shouldn't be long. Then from there she might get some relief with her teeth too!

Aside from tackling half of our household being under the weather, I am also knee-deep in a major sale preparation. I was lucky enough to get a consignor number in the Lil Angels Attic sale, but after I surveyed all my kids stuff I was going to have way more than the 150 items they allow you. When you have to purchase baby stuff in two's it really adds up! So I decided to rent out a place here in Scottsvegas to have a sale of my own. Then whatever is left from that can go on the the Lil Angels sale. Trust me I have enough to go around! I have bouncey seats, exersaucers, bathtubs, toys, playgyms, and tons, and tons, and tons of clothes that need to go! They are consuming half of my basement at this very moment!!! Considering Kyndall never wore the same outfit twice until she was about two, I guess you can imagine how much stuff I have!! Claire was able to wear a few things of Kyndall's but because of the difference in the seasons I had to buy a lot of new stuff for her too. It all just really adds up! I keep all my stuff in great condition since I usually sell it when I am done with it. I am a major stain stalker and asked for five bottles of Oxiclean for Christmas if that tells ya anything! LOL! :) So I had lots of people contacting me about looking at my stuff before I took it to Lil Angels. Rather than hassle with a bunch of different people coming to my house at all different times, I figured it would be easier just to do one big sale in a central location. So on February 28th from 8-2 I will be hosting a huge tag sale at the Washington Office Building in Scottsville. Most of my things will be kids items as I mentioned above. Girls clothes sizes 0-18months and boys clothes size 0-12months. But I will also have my hairblossoms, bow holders, and some scrapbook items (supplies as well as pre-made) albums for sale. Also my friend Andrea is going to have a bunch of nice primitive items for sale. If anyone is interested in more details about the sale or would like to come and set up a few tables yourself feel free to message me on facebook.

So that is what I have been up to. On top of that the twin's first birthday is looming in the near future. But luckily the supplies have been bought and the invitations are about complete. So it has taken a backseat for the moment to the other tasks at hand. Hope everyone is enjoying their week. I will update later, if any more exciting news comes my way! LOL! :) TTFN!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

sick, sick, sick

Today has been a day of yuckiness. I am sick. Claire and Keaton are sick. Just feeling crummy all around. It is one of those days, when you don't do much but move from the bed to the couch and back again. I am very thankful that my fabulous mother-in-law was able to take the twins this morning so that I could rest and Jordan & Kyndall could go to church. I slept most of the time while they were gone. Then once Jordan got back with the whole crew they all actually cooperated and took naps at the same time. That was super for me, it meant I could go back to bed for awhile and not feel like a neglectful mommy. Now Jordan and Kyndall have gone back to church and it is just C & K and I at home. We are all grouchy! I am really bummed, cause this is the only time I have missed first place so far. I was really looking forward to getting weighed in, cause I did so well this week. :( I guess that is just motivation to keep on doing good, so my number will be even lower next sunday. I just hope I am feeling better by morning, so I can go back to full time mommy duty @ 100%. So if anyone has any feel better wishes could you please send them our way. I will be glad when we are all back to normal (whatever that is!).

Hope everyone had a better weekend than me, and was able to get out and enjoy some of the gorgeous weather! I am mad about missing that too, but that is a whole other post! :) TTFN!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Keeping babies out or mama in??? I am not sure sometimes! :)

This is what I see most nights when I am in the kitchen making dinner. It absolutely cracks me up. Claire has been doing it for quite awhile, but Keaton has just recently figured out he can come over and watch his mama through the baby gate. They look so funny as they peer through at me. Sometimes they will yell as if to say hey remember us, let us in this thing. Other times they just stand and watch. Content to see what I am doing and happy to see the world in a different way. The funniest times are when Claire puts her face up against the mesh and sticks her tongues through the holes. These kids are so funny. It is strange to think that we won't have to always have these gates up. That one day the kids will be free to go anywhere when they are older. But for now, I enjoy making dinner without three little ones around my feet. Although we do have the occasional escapee as Jordan or I go in and out. But for the most part the gate does the job. God bless the person who invented the baby gate! :)

Friday, February 6, 2009

The never ending battle

At my house there is constantly a battle going on for something. A car, a pony, a sippy cup, a blanket. Keaton wants what Kyndall has, Claire wants what Keaton has, Kyndall wants what Claire and Keaton have. The possibilities and combinations of who wants to take what from whom is endless. So I decided the other night to just take a breather. Not worry about who took what from who and sit back and take a few pictures so we could all look back one day and laugh. Here is what I came up with during battle-- "SIPPY CUP"!

Keaton waiting and watching patiently for the right time to pounce on Claire and the cup!

The beginning of the cup tug-o-war. I love the look on Claire's face here. She looks so darn determined!

She looks to have won for the moment. I think Keaton got occupied with something else.

Somehow she must have lost control cause now Keaton was back in possession of the prized cup.

Claire is back in control and is thinking that biting might be a good defense. I swear the kids do own more than just one sippy! I could put 1o0 out for them and they would still fight over the exact same one!!

I had to back up a little cause the action was getting pretty intense.

In the end I am not sure who ended up with the cup. I kept laughing so hard that I had to stop taking pictures. But I have a feeling they both forgot about it after awhile and went on to fight over bigger and better things, like who got to chew on the t.v. remote next. Aaahhh, the little things in life. :)

Hope everyone has some fun plans for the weekend. I am going to be busy organizing, pricing, and sorting all my kids clothes and toys they have outgrown. I am getting ready for the spring little angels attic sale. Also I am hosting a sale of my own Saturday Feb. 28th at the Washington Center, if anyone is interested in being included or just coming to shop email or message me on facebook for more details.

Have a great weekend! TTFN!! :)

Monday, February 2, 2009

Let the biting begin!!!

It is official both the twins have teeth! Which is really odd to some folks that they are almost a year old and just now getting their first teeth. But let me tell ya, they have Kyndall beat already. That child had her one year photos taken on her birthday and her smile was just as gummy as the day she was born. She had all this crazy wild hair that stuck up everywhere and a big gummy grin. She looked like a cute little old lady who forgot the fixodent! So the twins being just shy of 11 months and having teeth is big news for me!

Poor Keaton had been working on his tooth for what seemed like months and months. I can remember all the way back to September him starting to get annoyed with it. He was like Kyndall and decided to cut his top teeth first. Which my pediatrician says is really rare in kids (apparently not rare in mine!). I swore everyday for the past five months that tooth was gonna make an appearance soon. And lo and behold Friday the little bugger finally went from one big knot on his gum to a little pearly white sticking through. I was so happy for him! Now maybe he can get some rest at night. That is until the next tooth decides to make its appearance.

Now Claire on the other hand was a complete surprise. We had been checking her for months. Thinking that she would start teething any day just cause Keaton was. I can't tell you how many well-baby check ups and regular old sick visits we went to where Dr. Patty would look at both of them and assure me Keaton's were on the way, but say that Claire's were no where to be found yet. I never questioned it cause she never offered to complain about her teeth. She wasn't overly fussy. She didn't drool like a garden hose like Keaton did. For the most part once she went to sleep at night she did fine. I just assumed she would get them late. Maybe even later than Kyndall. I wasn't too worried about it. I remember when Kyndall was going on eight months old and still didn't have a tooth I called Dr. Patty all torn up about it. She reassured me that it was perfectly okay for her not to have any teeth. In fact she told me the longer they stayed under the better chance she had at having great teeth. So for me (someone who had a gap so big between her front teeth she could stick her tongue through it, which led to lots of time in braces and the dreaded headgear! UGH!) that was A-Okay with me! Last night Claire had a little bit of a crying spell around 3 and then just basically decided she was up for the day. We just chalked it up to her maybe being a little gassy and then once she was up, we just thought she was ready for playtime. It wasn't until this afternoon that I saw her put her hand to her mouth and I thought she had picked up something she shouldn't have off the floor to chew on. I did a quick sweep of her mouth and hit something hard. Assuming it was whatever she put in her mouth, I picked her up to get a better angle to retrieve it. And there it was, a little sweet tooth on the bottom gums. It was actually out further than the one Keaton had been working on for months. And then right next to it, the start of the other! I was so excited and shocked all at the same time. How could this kid have gotten almost two teeth and I be totally oblivious!!!??!!! After I got over the guilt of feeling like a bad mom, I chalked it up to being super busy with three kids, and I am just hoping I am more aware of her next major milestone whatever that might be, to make up for it!

So now I am excited that both babies should have pretty good chompers in time for their one year pics. Funny how you can have three kids and they all do everything at such different times and in their own particular way. I guess it is just a good reminder to me that they will continue to do and grow in their own ways as the years go by. I can't expect one to do like the other did or vice versa. I am just blessed with three beautiful wonderful kids, who all keep me on my toes in their own ways. I just can't wait to see what they do next!!!

Happy Monday everyone! TTFN!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Shew, where did my weekend go?

I can't believe that I am sitting here and it is Sunday night already! I was so busy this weekend that I don't even really remember when one day ended and the next one started. But it was a good busy, a fun busy, the kind of busy that you wished could last longer than Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

First of all on Friday night I got the supreme luxury of going to crop with some of my old Memory Box buddies!!!! Along with meeting some new fun scrappers too. It was great. Betty, Terri and Deb W. along with their regular croppin' group had rented out two cabins at Barren River Lake to spend the whole weekend scrappin', relaxing, and just hanging out in general. I was blessed to be able to spend from 5 p.m. to 1 a.m. Friday hanging out and being crafty with them! The cabins were awesome and everyone had more than enough space to spread out and be creative. I got more done that night than I ever have at any other crop in my recent memory. I completed three pages and two cards. I felt super productive! Plus it was so great to be with old friends. We shared stories and laughed and laughed. I would have loved to stayed the whole weekend, but that wasn't in the cards for this trip. Maybe next time.

I am truly blessed to have been included in this awesome time with such fun people! Another great side-effect is that I came home re-inspired to create more layouts this year than I have in the past few months. I remembered again what it was like to scrapbook just cause I loved it. Not necessarily for doing a book for someone else, or to make projects to sell. So I am hoping the motivation from this will last me well into the spring! Then when it runs out I will know it is time for another girls night out with the scrappy friends! :)

Saturday I woke up bright and early to babies that were ready to play, play, play. Kyndall had gone to Mom-Mom's the night before and stayed with her. So I had some good one on two time with the twins. Jordan had left out earlier in the morning to cook the men feed the masses breakfast at church. He and several other guys get together every few months and cook for all of the women and kids. It is a fun time and the food is usually pretty good! Unfortunately this time conflicted with one of the most important dates I have on my calendar this month....sign up for the 'Lil Angels Attic Consignment Sale. I was on pins and needles most of Saturday morning right up until sign up time. I am always worried that I won't get in or that my computer will goof up, since consignor numbers go in usually less than two minutes. I was one of the lucky few, along with my mother-in-law. We both got in and now begin the daunting task of sorting out spring/summer clothes from the fall/winter cause they only accept seasonal items. I have a feeling that numbers went in record time this year. Last sale I was able to sign up for a number and then go in a few days later and sign up a volunteer shift and pick my drop off time. This time around it seemed like all those things went quick. By the time I made it over to the volunteer page, lots of shifts were already full. I got decent times for both and I am excited as always about the sale. Not only will I be able to get rid of a bunch of stuff that is taking up space in my basement. I am excited about getting new spring/summer stuff for the kids. I am a shop-a-holic when it comes to my kids wardrobe, but that doesn't mean I don't love a bargain. I rarely, RARELY, rarely pay full price for anything. I am the queen of coupons, consignment and yard sales. When you have three kids, every penny matters!

After getting myself signed up for the sale and Jordan getting home from breakfast we decided to head to Bowling Green to go to the mall and run some errands. So we packed up Claire and Keaton and all their traveling supplies and headed out. Kyndall stayed in the 'ville, since Brian and Micca were picking her up that evening to go celebrate Brittany's 16th b-day. We made pretty much a whole day of shopping. We spent from 12-6 in the mall and at hobby lobby and party one looking for supplies for the twins first birthday (to no avail). We ate dinner with the Lee's at Logan's that evening. After that we headed over to Kohl's to check out their spring clothes and winter clearance. That was our last stop of the day and we headed home with some great new stuff at great prices and three tired kids!

Sunday morning was our usual rush of getting three kids up, ready and out the door in time for church. We headed to Fountain Run to visit with Jordan's family for the afternoon. Jordan's little brother Matthew came up with his mom from Tennessee to see us. He is a doll and we hadn't seen him in a long time. It was good to catch up with them. I was glad that they got a chance to see the babies. It is funny that Kyndall has an uncle who is only about five years older than her! She thinks Uncle Matthew is pretty darn cool though! We left there in just enough time to run back to town to drop the twins off with babysitter mom-mom, go to the grocery for some Super Bowl snacks and head to church for the party. There was a good time had by all at the party, even though I was more interested in the commercials than the game. However, I was sorely disappointed by the commercials this year. I just didn't think they were as GRAND as years past. Oh well, maybe the economy will be better next year and retailers will feel more like spending millions of dollars to get me to send five dollars their way! LOL!

Last but not least I did get a chance to go to First Place and weigh-in and have a short meeting before the game party started. It was a nice pick-me up. It gave me a few quiet minutes and I am proud to say that I was down another 1 and 3/4 pounds. I have lost almost nine total. Slowly but surely the weight is coming off. I figure it took awhile to put it on, it is going to take awhile to come off! I joined the YMCA on Friday so that will give me a little boost and let me get out of the house some during the week with the kids to break up my day. I am excited to go to my first step aerobics class tomorrow night. It is actually a class that is taught by my church friend and First Place coordinator Marritta, so I think I will feel totally comfortable even though I may not get all the moves on my first try! LOL! Good thing no one is videoing this thing!

So now here I sit at the tail end of my weekend, exhausted but happy that I had a great time with my friends, family, and church. I am excited for a new week, and a new chance to be a healthier me. I know it will be just as busy, but I promise to be a better blogger in the days ahead!

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend as much as I did!!! TTFN!