Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wordless Wednesdays

I miss my Christmas tree!!! WAAAHHHH!!! But I will be glad when the spring and summer get here too. Oh well. :)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What am I gonna do with this girl?

Kyndall is the wildest girl I have ever met. She loves to yell, dance, sing and just be all around goofy. The only time she ever stays still is when she isn't feeling good. I am not sure what to make of this wild child sometimes! I think she may grow up to be a rocker, or a world traveler, or even a dancer. I have a feeling she is going to crave adventure her entire life. It is fun to see her personality develop more everyday. She definitely gives her daddy and I a workout when it comes to keeping up with her. She has such a free spirit. She would rather run around naked than ever have clothes on. That's why we had to change back over to zip and snap p.j.'s cause with her two pieces she would strip out of them just as soon as we took our eyes off of her for a minute! She has her own ideas about where and when she should do things. She thinks she is in charge of both Claire and Keaton. I guess in a way she feels like the queen of this castle and they are her subjects who do what she says! That will be okay, I guess, as long as she remembers who the REAL boss is around here!!! HHHHmmmm, what are the odds of that! LOL! :)

Well happy Tuesday everyone. I will be back to blog more later, since I have been terribly absent from the blogosphere this past weekend. TTFN!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Something fun and random.

I was catching up with all my regular blog reading the other day (which takes several days, cause I am addicted to so many of the awesome, funny, talented bloggers out there) and came across a challenge on my friend Chris's blog. She challenged us to leave a comment on her page and she would assign us a random letter of the alphabet. Then we had to come up with ten things that we like/love that start with that letter and why. I thought it sounded like a fun idea and so I jumped in. My letter she assigned me was the letter "L". So here are ten things I like/love starting with "L".

1. Little Kids-- Namely Kyndall, Claire and Keaton. I am a little partial to those particular little kids for some reason! I have them running all over my house, so I might as well love 'em. Right? :)

2. Late nights--Since the twins arrived I am a late night gal. I enjoy the peace and quiet and free time to spend catching up on chores, watching t.v. or just doing whatever I feel like. Some of my best ideas have come to me at 1, 2 and 3 in the morning.

3. Laughing--It is a no-brainer. Nothing beats laughing. I love it. The deep kind. That leaves you with black mascara tears, gasping for breathe, and holding your belly. For me when I laugh really hard I usually end up with the hiccups too. Not a great side effect, but totally worth it.

4. Long Distance phone calls--Nothing makes me feel much better than a phone call to my Aunt Amy back in Nebraska. She is my best friend, my hero, my confidant, and the closest thing I have ever had to a mom since my mom passed away. I love her so much, and nothing is better than a Sunday evening phone call to catch up with her and all my family in the Cornhusker State.

5. Leaves in the fall--Fall is by far my favorite season. The weather becomes more tolerable. We make our annual trip to the orchard. I get to decorate my porch and home for fall. The colors of all the trees turning is splendid here in Southern Ky. Everywhere you turn it seems like a different set of leaves are putting on a show. It is one of my favorite things about living in this part of the country.

6. Loose fitting clothes--We all know what that means! As I stick to my First Place plan, I am starting to notice a difference in how some of my clothes are fitting. For me it is something I have really been working on this year. I have several health goals I want to reach and I have never been more motivated. I have been repeating this mantra lately...."what we eat in private, we wear in public."

7. Lots of friends--I have never been the kind of person who can only have one friend at a time. Although I have met lots of those types of people. We usually don't click. I say the more the merrier! You can never have enough friends.

8. Lipgloss--I prefer it over lipstick. I think it is easier to wear and not as harsh. It is usually the last thing I put on before out the door. I have been known to wear it around the house, even when I don't have any other makeup on!

9. Long weekends--Granted I don't work in the traditional sense. But trust me raising three kids is the toughest job I have ever had. And I have had some bad ones. (Once I worked for the Gallup poll when I lived in NE. Basically I got paid to be hung up on.) So even though my job doesn't stop for the weekends, my husbands does. So any extra days that I have with him at home to help me is a BONUS!

10. Lots of Music--I couldn't live my life without songs. I love music of all colors, shapes and sizes. Country, Hip-Hop, Pop, Rap, Alternative, name it I probably know it and listen to it. I dare say that given the choice of no t.v. for the rest of my life or never getting to listen to a song ever again, I would give up my reality shows in a heartbeat.

So there ya have it. A fun little list for your reading enjoyment this Thursday afternoon. I am glad that tomorrow is Friday. The twins are going to be spending their very first night at Granmom's tomorrow night. I hope all goes well with that, since they still don't sleep through the night. We are taking that chance to get out with Kyndall and do something fun with just the three of us. We don't get to do that much. So it should be fun. I am sure I will post some photos of whatever it is we decide to do.

Happy Thursday everyone. TTFN!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Please say a prayer.

I have a favor to ask of anyone that reads my blog. It is not a personal favor, but one that I would be so happy for you all to oblige none the less. Our cousins have very close friends that are going through an extremely rough time right now. They were expecting a little boy to be born in April and he unexpectedly made his arrival on the last day of December. This sweet little boy and his family are in desperate need of prayers. Lots of them. Specific prayers, general prayers, short prayers, long prayers.....any kind of prayers that you all can send up. They have a created a Caring Bridge webpage so that we can all keep up with his status. Please take just a few minutes out of your day and visit little Miller's page. Once there enter in the name MillerSmith (with no spaces) in the section where it says visit a CaringBridge website. There his story is told more completely than I will be able to but in a nutshell he was born premature at 24 weeks. He weighed one pound eight ounces. His family has been told several times by the dr.'s to expect the worst, but each time this little guy comes back fighting. He is truly a miracle. As a mommy of two NICU graduates myself I know how grueling this time can be for the parents and relatives as well. Please remember to ask God to lay his grace and comfort upon them also during this stressful time. If you all are involved in any prayer groups, or know any church prayer intercessors, or just good folks who would be willing to pray for this little guy, please pass his story on to them too. I know with his story spreading far beyond just those who know him, that we will see many more miracles out of this little fella. Thank you for your help. And remember to say a special thank you tonight for the healthy children in your life! I know I will. :)

Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take.
Proverbs 3:5-6 (NLT)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Another big-girl moment! <----read another tearful moment for mommy!!!

This was Kyndall's precious long hair on Thursday morning as she played with Claire. It was soooo long and soft. When she took a bath and got her hair wet, it went clear past the middle of her back.

But as long and lovely as it was, it was starting to show a few signs of wear and tear. Sadly, it was becoming a little lacking in luster and got stringy looking pretty quickly.

So that prompted this trip for her first ever haircut! Which made me sad and tearful, anxious and scared all at the same time!!!

Although she was as cool as a cucumber! In my opinion I had two things going for me which helped put Kyndall and myself at ease. Number one: One of my best friends owns a salon and she was going to be doing the honors of this first cut! So Kyndall was totally okay with being there. Number two: Kyndall had just been at Hairworks last week to see her favorite big-girl friend Brittany get her hair cut. Since Brittany is almost 16, everything she does is pretty cool to Kyndall! Needless to say Kyndall talked about getting her own haircut all week long after she left from hanging out with the Gunter's that day.

So she was totally fine when Brandie got started and put all her hair up in a clip. In fact she even remembered that Brittany had also gotten her eyebrows waxed the week before and was more concerned with asking us about getting hers done too, than anything else!

She got to wear this totally cool kiddie-cape with the fish on it! You can see her cheering section behind her consisting of Gran-mom and Bubba Keaton. We couldn't get a shot of the other two supporters cause Claire and Daddy try to avoid momma's paparazzi tendencies!

She got to take the clip out once her cape was secured and she must have thought that was pretty neat by the look on her face! :)

She sat pretty still and with a little bribing and coaxing we were able to get her to look down so that Brandie could gage where to make the first cut.

Brandie even squirted her hair with water to wet it and then let Kyndall try out the squirt bottle too! Mommy was an instant target, but I didn't care as long as we ended up with an even 'do!

I am pretty sure that I held my breathe for both this photo and the next one...........................

YIKES!!! Was I really sure that 2 inches was not too much? Would I hate the way it looked? Would I cry and cry and cry that I had cut off the hair that my baby had since the day she was born? Not really the same hair, but that is how I thought of it.

Shew we all made it through the first snip. Kyndall didn't cry, I remembered to breathe again, and we decided to continue the bribes with a sucker which made Ms. K very, very, very happy!

See I told you....very, very, very happy!!!

The only thing that really bugged her was trying to figure out the entire time how to get her arms out from under the cape! Have you ever tried to eat a sucker without your hands??? Quite messy and not something I really recommend with a two year old!!!

Still waiting patiently to check out her new 'do!

When it was all said and done and she figured out that she still had hands despite the cape, Kyndall gave it a quick once over with the old sticky sucker fingers and was quite pleased!!

So here is the new look. Still my baby girl. Just minus two inches of sweet strawberry blonde locks which are now tucked securely into a baggie attached to her first haircut certificate! Just waiting to find a home in her scrapbook.

And even though we decided against the eyebrow wax for at least the next 14 years, we compromised and let her get the works package complete with blow out and style from Brandie's talented hands! LOL!

So here is the final look. Much softer and prettier than what she started the day with.

And last but not least a shot for the scrapbook of Brandie and Ms. K who was still thoroughly enjoying the sucker long after the glow of that fresh from the beauty shop feeling had left her!

Sniff, there you have it the story of Kyndall's first haircut and a brief reminder to me that yes my baby is growing up. :) Oh well, I should be glad that I at least get to tell the stylist what to do! I don't even want to think of her having a "style" of her own in mind in the near future! YIKES!!!

Hope everyone had a good weekend! TTFN!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

I have been blessed by a fabulous blog award this week! I think honesty is very high on the must have list of virtues, so to me this award means a lot! So my thanks goes out to The RaMbler who bestowed it upon me! :)

The rules for this award are:
First, choose a minimum of seven blogs that you find brilliant in content or design. Secondly, show the seven winners' names and links on your blog, and leave a comment informing them that they were prized with “Honest Scrap". Well, there’s no prize, but they can keep the nifty icon. Lastly, list at least ten honest things about yourself.

So here is my list in no particular order :)

1. To Maureen over at Dolphin Designs her blog is neat and she always comes up with cool post ideas that she shares with us over at 2p's!

2. My dear friend Terri whose blog is inspiredbeyondjustbreathe2 . She is a fellow scrapper and also is just a good soul!

3. Paige who I talk of often on my blog. She has a cutie patootie toddler too and you can read all about their life at Mommy to a Charli Girl!

4. Samantha who also experiences life in fabulous Scotts-vegas! She writes about it all over at The Highs, The Lows and The In-betweens .

5. Ashley from Double Trouble. I think her blog name says it all and you will all know how I relate to that! :)

6. My mother-in-law who has been a bad blogger lately. Maybe this award will inspire her to go ahead and post something already. Geez, you haven't done anything since last year!!!!!!

7. And last but not least Audrey who blogs at Lil Booger Bows . She combines super cute photos of her little booger with lovely hair bow goodness that her ridiculously creative self makes! Check it out!

So with that part accomplished now the tough part :) Ten honest things about myself---

1. I bite my nails. I quit every several months and then start back again. I have ever since I was little. Oh well.

2. I would rather get a well-worded card than a fancy no-thought present any day. Words to me are better than any store bought gift.

3. My mom died when I was ten. She drove drunk. Losing her forever changed me and made me into the person I have become today.

4. I think avacado's, artichokes, and asparagus are yummy!!!

5. I am in the midst of a major scrapbook studio cleaning, organizing and purging session. It started at the first of the month and I am hoping to be finished by spring! Keep your fingers crossed.

6. American Idol always makes me cry. I know weird, but any time they show the back stories on the contestants even the bad ones who can't really sing, I tear up.

7. I tend to laugh if someone falls down or if my husband hurts himself. Mean I know, but it is the truth! I usually make sure they are okay, but once that is established watch out. I will laugh til I cry!

8. Facebook is open on my computer at all times! I love to keep up with everyone's "status"! :)

9. Sometimes at night if I don't want to get up with the twins I tell Jordan I was just up with them and put my cold feet on him until he gets out of bed. (this is an honesty list afterall!!!) For those of you who know him, if you let him in on this you will be officially on my list! So let's keep it our little secret!

10. Whenever I hear that song "I bust the windows out your car" I turn it up really loud and sing along. Not sure who sings it or why I love it, but I think I must secretly wish I had done that back in my younger years! ;)

So there ya go, probably more than you ever cared to know about me, but oh well. That's a risk you take when you read my blog. Have a good weekend and I will try to post some new photos soon of the exciting happenings in the world of the Clay's!


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wordless Wednesday................

Okay, maybe just a few words.....we all know that I am not being good at wordless......Where does the time go???????? Nuff said, before I start to bawl :P Happy Wednesday everyone!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Two peas in a pod.

Matching outfits that they wore to the church Christmas program. I love my sweet girls!

Causing a major mess in Kyndall's room! Unfortunately we are still working on learning about clean-up! :)

Kyndall reading Claire a bedtime story after bathtime the other night.

So sweet to see them standing side by side.

Kisses before bedtime, from big sissy!

Lately, I have been enjoying the relationship that has formed between Claire and Kyndall. To put it lightly they are inseparable. Where one is the other wants to be, no matter what. Being an only child, I was not really sure what type of bonds my kids would form and when. I sure didn't think being buddies would happen at this early of an age. But these two girls really seem to enjoy each other. Claire likes to be in the middle of any action, and Lord knows Kyndall is ALL about ACTION!!! Kyndall likes that she can give and take toys at her will and Claire never really seems to fuss. She loves her bubby and sissy equally, but if Claire isn't by her side, Kyndall is usually asking where she is. I am hoping that this companionship lasts them long after I am gone. I think having a sister is a blessing and I am so glad that my girls have each other.

Some of you may worry that Keaton will feel left out in all this, but I really don't think that is gonna be a problem. He is content when the girls are off together. That means more mommy time for him and also that his sisters are leaving him alone! He prefers his space more than Claire so Kyndall is more of an irritant than an attraction to him right now. I know that will probably change the more mobile he becomes. But for now, as a momma I am just fine that he still likes to be concerned with me and what I am doing. There are never enough hours in the day for us to sit and cuddle! He is afterall, his momma's boy! :)

Who wouldn't love that sweet face and chubby cheeks for kissin'??? Such a sweetie.

Well happy Tuesday everyone. I am off to start and hopefully finish my to-do list! Hurray! TTFN!

Monday, January 12, 2009

A new endeavor!

So last night I took one of the first major steps towards becoming a healthier me in 2009, I attended my very first meeting of my new weight loss group. I had done my research and weighed my options and I narrowed it down between "Weight Watchers" and "First Place". They each had their pro's and a few con's, but overall I felt "First Place" was a better fit for me for many reasons. First of all it is Christ centered. It helps us to understand that putting God first in our lives will help lots of things improve, not just our physical health. It allows me to follow a meal-plan, which was important to me, yet have flexibility to prepare my own meals. We work around food exchanges which is similiar to WW points. It focuses our eating around the food pyramid, so we aren't on some crazy carb restriction or extreme reduced calorie plan. To me that seems more doable in the long term spectrum. The meetings are going to be held each Sunday night at my church. That is super convenient for me since we go to church that evening anyway for Kyndall to go to AWANA and for us to attend service. So really choosing to be involved with First Place was easy. It kind of took all my excuses away. And I have to admit that spending an hour without my husband and kids, getting to talk to other adults was pretty nice! :)

I have come to a very big realization that I have to do this for myself. This time I want to succeed. Every time I cheat and give in to food temptation, I am only hurting myself. I want to learn to live a life that isn't about food deprivation, but better choices each time I put something into my mouth. I know personally that food for me is an emotional thing. I have eaten for a long time to supress feelings. If I just eat when a bad emotion or hurt from the past comes up, then I can drown it in the food. Problem Solved? Not really!! I am hoping through this process and being involved in F.P. that I will get to the bottom of why I really eat. It is a great chance to connect with other Christian women on a physical and emotional level and get to the bottom of things. I know this won't be easy. I don't expect every day to be perfect. I know I will mess up. But I want to live each day with a bigger awareness. A new appreciation for myself. And in the end I want to be proud that I was able to face this challenge head on!

Matthew 4:4 "It is written: 'Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.' "

So I plan for the next twelve weeks to spend a lot less time living on bread and a lot more time eating up the words of God, enjoying every bite of my devotional time, relishing in my bible study and learning to be a better, healthier, skinnier, more prayful me!

Hope everyone else had a good Monday! TTFN!

Friday, January 9, 2009

two peas challenge

So, one of the windows that is pretty much always open on my computer is the website Two Peas in a Bucket I go there for scrappin' inspiration, to buy supplies, to look at other scrappers work, and to chat on the message boards. Okay, so mostly I do the latter! LOL! But it does keep me connected to other scrappers and other bloggers as well. On the general scrappin' board, DolphinDesigns comes up with challenges to help all the bloggers have something to write about! :) I can always use a little inspiration from time to time and yesterday she challenged us all to blog about five ways we have changed in the past five years! I thought with it being a new year and all that sounded like a great idea. So although I am a day late (the story of my life) here is my answer to that challenge!

1. The most major of things that has changed in my life is that I am now a THREE kids!! There are days when I can hardly believe it. Days when I stay up late thinking, am I really ready for motherhood and then realize ready or not I am knee-deep in it! It is the most awesome, exciting, tiring, scarey, meaningful job that I have ever had in my life! The crazy thing is that I always just knew in my bones that I wanted to be a mom to lots of kids. I never had true real career goals that I was passionate about. I mean I wanted to go to college and I had ideas about what I wanted to do for a job. Just nothing that I was 100% decided to pursue. As far back as highschool I remember thinking a job would be nice, but what I really wanted was a family of my own. So I guess you could say in an exhausting, messy, fun, crazy way my dreams have come true! I love my kiddos and as hard as it can be at times I know that I wouldn't want my life any other way!

2. I am fatter... :( I still have a closet full of size 2's and 4's from highschool, but the truth of the matter is those days are gone! Maybe one day my girls will want to wear them, afterall things do seem to be coming back into style from my day! :) Ha, ha, ha. But on the bright side, there is more of me to love!

3. So the ironic thing is that even with #2 being stated, I am still happier! I am settled into a life I love. I have a great home, a wonderful church, and a family that loves me. All my relationships are ones that I have because they fullfill me not because I am trying to make someone else happy. I am my own person and although five years ago I was on my way, I wasn't in the same place as I am today.

4. I am finally letting some of my true hair color shine through! I know you are thinking big deal. But for me it is. My hair was ready for a break. I realized the last year that I had colored it continuously for over ten years. That is a lot of bleach and highlights! So for the first time in ten years I let my natural color grow out and kept it that way for quite some time. I got the color itch a few months ago, but still only have highlights on the top. I am so happy to have my natural color back and more importantly remember what that natural color even was!

5. Lastly but most certainly most importantly I am married. Jordan and I will celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary this year! We started dating in 2001 and were married in 2004, where does the time go. It seems crazy to think that we already have three kids. But I guess when you have them two at a time, your family number increases with a quickness! The crazy thing is we even waited a year and a half after getting married before I was preggo with Kyndall! So being married is another change, but one that I wouldn't change for anything. I love my husband and he is one of the best things to ever happen to me. Not to mention a fabulous father to our kids. My family always tells me that if they had hand-picked my husband they couldn't have found better then him. I secretly think they like him more than me, but that is to be expected he is a lot nicer! :)

So there ya have it, five changes in the past five years. Crazy to look at all in one place. Where does the time go? Time to start looking forward to the next five I guess!

TGIF!!! Have a fun and safe weekend!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

My theme song, here lately!!

Songwriters: Leslie Winn Satcher & Rebecca Lynn Howard

I work all day in a breakneck run
Just to come home to another pile of work to be done
And all I wanna do is flop on the couch and die
Baby comes in he's give out too
I say "It's pizza or nothing. And Trixie's all outta dog food"
I could just break right down and cry

I need a vacation from my life
Me and my husband we need a wife
Somebody who's sole ambition is laundry
I wanna fall asleep on "MY" patio swing
While somebody else does the dishes and cleans
Mariachi's could stroll through the yard and play softly
Wouldn't even have to leave 2523 General George Patton Drive
And I need a vacation from my life

Don't even get me started on Saturday's
All I do is rearrange the clutter
Hey, I invented shabby chic
Who wants to mow when it's so dang hot
Me and baby got a theory about our little half acre lot
If it blooms, it's not a weed

"OH" I need a vacation from my life
Me and my husband we need a wife
Somebody who's sole ambition is laundry
I wanna fall asleep on "MY" patio swing
While somebody else does the dishes and cleans
Mariachi's could stroll through the yard and play softly
Wouldn't even have to leave 2523 General George Patton Drive

Oh, I need a vacation from my life
Me and my husband we need a wife
Somebody who's sole ambition is laundry
I wanna fall asleep on my patio swing
While somebody else does the dishes and cleans
Mariachi's could stroll through the yard and play softly
Wouldn't even have to leave (MidState), Tennessee 2523 General George Patton Drive
I need a vacation from my life
"Oh i need a vacation from my life"
"Thats Right"

I have loved this song by Rebecca Lynn Howard ever since it made it's debut a few years ago. But after becoming a SAHM I have realized that the lyrics run through my head more often than I would like for them to! :)

Happy Thursday everyone. My day can really only go one way....and that is up....hopefully!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Monday, January 5, 2009

I am so honored to have been given this award by two of my local blogger gals! They both are busy moms just like me. Paige whose blog is Mommy to a Charli girl , is such a cool girl! She is also an inspiration to me. As a single mom she is doing an awesome job with her little girl and pursuing her own career goals. She has really got it all together!

I also got the award from Samantha whose blog is called The highs, the lows and the in-betweens . She is a great example of someone with the determination to reach her goals, even while being a momma. She recently graduated college and is going to be a teacher. I just know that she is gonna be a great one and I can't wait until she gets a teaching position here in Allen County!

So here are the rules I am following to pass on this awesome award:

Find the beautiful ladies that you follow and give them this award. Hopefully, it will truly mean something to each and every one of you. Don't be shy...give it to the same person and don't forget to tell the recipients!

So here are the BEAUTIFUL women that I am honoring with this award!

Chris @ What's in Sissy's Head? She is a fellow Nebraskan and beyond that she always has fun posts to read. As a mom of two boys I know that she is super busy, but she always finds the time to comment on my posts which I love! Thanks for being such a neat gal!

The Rambler whose blog is called what else.....The Rambler :) Each time I read her blog I usually leave laughing. She keeps a great sense of humor despite the fact that she has some serious situations that she deals with on a daily basis. Her youngest child has Cerebral Palsy and I can't imagine how challenging it must be for her to do all she does with other kids, and a home to run! So for her to even have the time to blog, or joke, or even sit down is amazing! My hat goes off to her!!!!

So those are the gals getting the award from me. Thanks again Paige and Samantha for the award! It really does mean a lot! :) Happy Tuesday everyone!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

It's that time of year again......

Yup, you got it. Time to start sticking to those New Year's resolutions! But lets be honest, we all seem to like to come up with these big out of reach goals, which would be impossible for superwoman! So this year I am taking a different approach. Don't get me wrong I still have a list of resolutions, I just plan on attacking each with baby steps. So here are some of my goals for 2009:

1. Work on becoming a more healthy me. I would like to incorporate more exercise into my life now that the kiddos are all getting a little bigger. Right now I am researching my options. I am not sure if I want to invest in a piece of equipment for the house, re-join the Y, or just try to pick a few nights to walk. I am trying to decide what I could do most consistently regardless of Jordan's schedule, and what will work best with three kids. Either way something is going to change. I am done with the excuses!

2. I am going to work on my organization in my scrapbook studio. I would like to be able to be as efficient as possible during what little time I do get to create. So I think having an organized and functional workspace would help me to achieve that goal. The less time I spend hunting for a certain stamp or tool means more completed pages for me! And that is a goal I have all the time!

3. Since I was generously given a fabulous new camera for Christmas I want to learn all I can about it. It is important to me to be able to make the most of it and all its great features. So not only do I vow to completely read the manual cover to cover, I also plan on reading up all I can online about becoming a great photographer....Shutter speed, lighting, etc. I plan to be a photography know-it-all come this time next year! :)

4. Lastly but certainly not least I want to take time every day to be grateful. I think there have been many days this past year when I have been so overwhelmed with life and caring for Kyndall and then adding the twins, that I forgot to just breathe and thank the Lord for all he has done for me. I need to remember that time on this earth is not promised to us. Each second is a gift from God. I want to spend less time focusing on what's next and more time living in the now. I want to take the time to say thank you to my husband, friends and family for all they do to help me out. I need to thank my children for showing me unconditional love and bringing a smile to my face. So this year I plan to do just that. I realize that I might not always have the words to say out loud what I am thankful for, but I plan to utilize a journal to help me with that hurdle. I resolve to start a gratitude journal and write down daily things in my life and world that I am grateful for, even if it is just the grass in the yard and the kids playing in my living room floor! :)

Now I have shared my resolutions with you all, please let me know what you plan to resolve to do in 2009.


p.s. I thought about resolving to work on my excited overuse of the exclamation mark but then I just knew that would be out the window by the time I finished this post. So I guess you all are just stuck with a whole bunch of these !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for another year!