Thursday, August 28, 2008

family picture day!

My big bubba Keaton and sweet Claire. Could these babies look any more different? It is hard to believe they occuppied the same belly for 33 weeks.

Cheesin' as usual! But such a big boy sitting up by himself in the bucket.

The mandatory family picture. "Boo Hiss" about how I look oh well! I am still waiting on the camera that takes off twenty pounds. You would think in this day and age..... :)

Almost six months old! I can't believe it!

Kyndall was hard to get a shot of, but she loves books so I brought a few to bribe her with.

I posted awhile back that we were having our family pictures made by a photographer I hadn't used before. Her name is Nikki Wolfe and she is local here in Scottsville. I was given a gift certificate to her way long ago at Kyndall's baby shower! So I had hung on to it for well over two years! Anyhow, we finally used it and we are so pleased with the results. She had a great studio location and was so fast with getting everything done. She took enough shots to get us fifty wonderful proofs in less than an hour and a half. That is including outfit changes for the kids! Which is no easy feat with three little ones! So I was over the moon that she made it pain free and a great experience for us! Her website is and I would highly recommend her for any occasion. I love that she gives you a set of proofs and a c.d. to make your own pictures from. That way it doesn't cost an arm and a leg to have photos to give to family and friends or in my case to scrap with in three different albums! HA! Her prices are good and she will travel to most any location and bring all her good photography ideas with her. So that is my plug for the day. I am one happy customer! :)

Hope everyone has lots of fun plans for the holiday weekend that is quickly approaching. I plan on finishing up my pricing and tagging of clothes, toys, etc for the little angels attic consigment sale. Which for all you shoppers and bargain hunters is Sept 5 & 6 at Broadway United Methodist Church. Also I am looking forward to spending some quality time with my hubby and the kids. Jordan has been working nights this past week and so I have been missing him as he is catching his zzzz's during the day. If any of you have enjoyed the new coffee machines (I think they are called McCafe's) at McDonalds in the Southern Ky area you have my husband to thank! He is an electrician and has to go in at night so the McDonald's can close down in order for everyone to install the machines. So the next time you drink your coffee raise a toast to my husband who makes that yummy espresso possible! Ha, ha, ha. Who ever thought an electrician would have something to do with a drink!

That is all for today! Take time to tell someone you appreciate them!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Her old red boots.

Proud that she put them on the right feet with just a little help from mommy!
Cutting a rug or should I say carpet around the loveseat in the living room.

These boots are Kyndall's newest obsession, and aside from the loud noise that they make as she dances a jig across the kitchen floor, I rather like them. They remind me of my family. My Aunt Amy came to Kentucky to visit us when Kyndall was just ten days old. She brought these boots all the way from Nebraska with her. They have sat in different shelves, nooks, and primitive cupboards in my living room since that day. I swear I never thought there would be a time when my baby would fit them. But she is just about there. Now she is big enough to go get them off of the shelf they sit on and ask us to help her with her boots. That goes to show you how fast time passes. I can't stand to think that one day in the near future she will have outgrown them. I have a feeling that even after she has danced in them and Claire and Keaton get their shot at them, I will never be able to part with them. Somewhere in my house will always be a little pair of red cowboy boots to remind me of this story.


Sunday, August 24, 2008

100 things you may not know about me.......

A fellow blogger on one of my favorite websites: challenged some of us to come up with a list of 100 facts about yourself. Kinda of a get to know you thing. But I bet those of you who think you really know me will be surprised at some of them on the list! I thought it was a cute idea and since I didn't have much else to write about today I thought I would give it a try. Gosh can I come up with 100? Here we go.....

1. I am a Christian.
2. I only like green beans from a can. No thank you to fresh or frozen.
3. The only job I ever really knew I wanted growing up was to be a mom...I guess that worked out for me!
4. I can type 101 words per minute.
5. I am superstitous and try to avoid the number 13.
6. My mom died when I was ten years old.
7. The only pet I really think I like is cats.
8. Jordan and I picked out Kyndall's name months in advance, but didn't name the twins until they were hauling me back for my c-section.
9. I change on average 100 diapers per week between my three kids.
10. I used to sell men's suits and accessories while I was at college at the University of Nebraska.
11. I started scrapbooking officially in 1999, but had always taken lots of photos and tried to put them into books of sorts.
12. In college I studied journalism and wanted to be on the news!
13. I was second-runner up Miss Teen Nebraska in 1997.
14. I am my grandmother's oldest grandchild.
15. I love "reality" t.v. and have an extensive DVR schedule that drives my hubby nuts!
16. Cooking is something I am trying to get good at.
17. My week feels incomplete if I miss church on Sunday.
18. I have the most unusual name of anyone in my family....everyone else is normal....Amy, Nic, Jamie, Megan, etc, etc.
19. I love all things Christmas!
20. This is the first time in my life since highschool that I haven't colored my hair. What you see is what you get.
21. I love rap music....for the beats mostly and not the words! :)
22. My husband is my best friend.
23. I loved my job in highschool at an old fashioned soda fountain/pharmacy.
My first car was a 66 Chevelle four door, puke green. I hated it!
25. Each of my three kids have very different personalities.
26. Jeff Lewis from the t.v. show "flipping out" cracks me up!
27. At one time I thought I would love to live in New York City!
28. I miss Nebraska.
29. I dislike folding laundry.
30. My house is decorated in primitives and unique flea market/antique finds.
31. One day I would like to travel all over the country with my husband.
32. I love my myspace and facebook pages, i have reconnected to lots of old friends through them.
33. Chinese food is my favorite.
34. I could spend a whole day reading other peoples blogs.
35. No matter where I end up in life, I will always be a small town girl at heart.
36. Biologically I am an only child but I grew up in a house with four of my cousins.
37. My heroes are my Aunt Amy and Uncle Carl.
38. I lived in 6+ states by the time I was seven.
39. I dislike being alone.
40. One of my favorite color combinations is pink and brown.
41. Singing and sewing are two things I wish I could do well.
42. I love seafood.
43. The jonas brothers song "burnin' up" is my favorite song right now....and no I am not a 12 year old girl! Ha, ha, ha!
44. I was Miss Cass County 1997.
45. Even though Jordan has twin uncles and twin cousins, the possibility of us having twins never occurred to me or him.
46. I have a colossal scrapbook stash in my basement.
47. One of my good friends from college was recently voted of f of "Big Brother 10" which makes me sad cause I wanted her to win! Darn it!
48. Clipping and using coupons is fun for me.
49. My wedding scrapbook has yet to be started.
50. I am too impatient for movies.
51. I used to be a HUGE Debbie Gibson and New Kids on the Block fan!
52. For me real butter is the only way to go.
53. I love watching the Food Network, but rarely try any recipes from the shows.
54. I wish I could scrapbook on a daily basis
55. I have never liked coffee.
56. I love fall. From the pumpkins, to the leaves, to the chill in the air. It all rocks!
57. Singing along to the car radio is my specialty.
58. "Your gonna miss this" by Trace Adkins always makes me cry. ALWAYS!
59. I sleep with my ceiling fan on high.
60. I kissed a lot of frogs before I found my prince!
61. I had a HUGE gap in my front teeth when I was little. Thank goodness for braces.
62. I am saving my money for a Nikon D60 camera.
63. I have been thru both natural labor and a c-section and I don't recommend the latter!
64. I wanted to be on "The Real World" when I was in college, but never sent in an application video.
65. Like a big kid, I prefer to drink milk with my dinner.
66. I truly believe that a picture is worth 1,000 words.
67. I love to make and send handmade cards to my family and friends.
68. When Jordan and I met the only piece of living room furniture I owned was a pink leopard print blow up chair. Seriously!
69. I love to watch college football but don't like the NFL.
70. I will never be over 5 ft. tall. *sigh*
71. I was on the Pom-Pom squad all four years of highschool and I love to dance still!
72. I usually drive everywhere unless Jordan insists it is his turn!!
73. Flip flops for me go with everything!
74. It doesn't really bother me when people mis-prounce my name. It happened all the time when I worked in banking.
75. I have my husband wrap most of the gifts at Christmas time. He secretly enjoys it and he is really good at it!
76. I think big hairbows on baby girls are super cute.
77. I take over 75 pictures every week!
78. Balancing my checkbook to the penny makes me happy and I do it often!
79. 40% off coupons to Hobby Lobby make me smile.
80. I still read my hometown newspaper on a weekly basis.
I never thought that I wanted a boy until I met my sweet Keaton and now I know why boys steal momma's hearts.
82. I hate it when my husband has to work nights.
83. I think being super skinny is over rated!
84. My favorite girl scout cookies are samoas.
85. I spent the first ten days of my twins life sleeping in a different place than them. They were in the NICU and i was discharged after just five days.
86.Organizing things is fun for me. I just don't ever have enough time to do all I want of it!
87. I love all my little cousins as if they were my own kids.
88. Going to the park with Kyndall makes me happy.
89. For me words are a powerful thing....i.e. song lyrics, stories, poems.
90. I can't wait to drive a normal car when my kids get a little older and not a big Tahoe withthird row seats to fit all the carseats in.
91. I am horribly near sighted and long for the day I can get lasik surgery.
92. I am always hot. (As in warm, not as in sexy....ha, ha, ha.)
93. I was always horrible at math in high school, which is strange that I made banking my career!
94. I am super scared of heights.
95. In highschool I could fill up pages and pages with poetry.
I think goose down pillows are the best.
97. This is the year I graduated highschool--1997.
98. My favorite quote is "No matter what, we start and end with family."
99. I still like to cruise when I get the chance!
100. My family is the most cherished thing in this world to me!

Wow that took a lot longer than I thought. And if you made it through all 1oo things you are now officially sick of me! So I will blog ya all later! :)


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Where was this cute stuff when I was a kid?

I got an email today from Pottery Barn Kids and enclosed was this sweet little tidbit of goodness you see above. I love this bedding! The owls are super cute! And don't even get me going on the tree with the adorable butterflies! I love it all! Now if I could just get going on moving Kyndall from her crib to a toddler bed. This is definetely a push in that direction.

Babies are calling! GTG!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I realized today that this January will mark ten years in Kentucky for me. Wow! I don't even feel like I have been graduated from high school that long. Although I do have the photos from my ten year reunion to remind me that it is true. :) But even with all the time that has passed since I left Nebraska I still get homesick. Some days are worse than others. Most of the time I am fine. There is just always a little sadness in the back of my mind.

People I meet in Scottsville are always amazed that I don't have any family here close by in Kentucky. I guess they are surprised that I am super close with my family even though we don't live in the same state. People around here leave, but most come back so it is out of the ordinary for me to be here from the "outside"! Scottsville is a small town with so many similarities to Louisville where I grew up, so you would think I would be used to it by now, but it will never be my "home".

As wonderful as it is to watch my kids grow up, I feel upset that they are missing out on a whole other great family back in NE. Sure we visit about twice a year for vacation but it just isn't the same as being there and knowing what is going on in their day to day life. It is even harder this year because of the timing of the twins being born I will have to go a whole year without seeing my flat-as-a-pancake beloved cornhusker state! It is bitter sweet for me to watch my kids do new things and not be able to have my own family witness it. I feel sad that as I experience life I am not closer to more of the people that I love and that love me!

I love Jordan and his family to pieces and I wouldn't trade them for anything. It is just different. No one is ever the same as people that have known ya since you were born. The ones who know all the stupid mistakes you made. The people who got to see you with braces ,glasses and a really bad haircut! (In my case all at the same time!) And don't hesitate to remind you that they have the photos for blackmail purposes! And trust me I don't need those gettin' out!

When I was graduating high school I remember the restlessness, the overwhelming urge to just get out and leave it all behind. I felt suffocated by my family. There was a wall up around me which brought distance between us. I went several years without even talking to certain aunts and uncles who I now can't imagine being out of my life. I guess that was God's way of sending me down the path to meet my wonderful husband and bring these three great kids into the world. I guess along the way I grew up. I came to realize how truly important family is. You can't make it out there alone. I am so thankful to my family for allowing me that space, that time to breathe, to grow and mature. It was lonely a lot of times and there were days that I didn't think I would ever miss them. But they loved me through it all! There were so many times that I could have just packed it up and went back to Ne. But the Lord kept me here for a reason and I imagine that me still being here ten years later will all make sense one day. So for now I will just take this homesickness a day at a time......and start counting the days until Christmas! :)

Well enough blabbering on. I am have boo-hoo'd long enough over this today! I will now list five good things about my day to show that my life isn't as stinky as I feel like it here we go in no particular order....

1. I am proud that I finally decided on Kyndall's birthday party theme. And ordered the stuff online! Which is good since her b-day is in less than 1 month!

2. I am grateful to have such a sweet wonderful little almost two year old in my life! She is a hoot!

3. Listening to Kyndall name off her zoo puzzle animals was hilarious! And I am still amazed that the girl can say Osterich plain as day. I wonder if Harvard will go ahead and admit her today?

4. Snuggling with babies is the best feeling ever. And today I actually got equal snuggle time with the twins! Not easily accomplished....but sooooo worth it!

5. I think I might make it to bed before 1 a.m. tonight! Which is great and means a more rested me tomorrow to face the day!

hugs to all near and far!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

We went to see the mouse.....or is he a rat? Not sure but his name isn't Mickey it is Chuck E.

The girls had a ton of fun in the monster truck! The girl on the far left saw Kyndall and Hayden having so much fun that she just jumped right in! They liked it most when it wasn't on and rumblin' and shakin'. Which was fine for us cause that meant it didn't cost us any tokens!

Hayden Grace was not happy to have to share the seat on this ride. She liked it so much that she didn't want to get off! Kyndall on the other hand wasn't so sure about this one!

This is how Claire felt about her trip to Chuck E. Cheese!

Poor Keaton looks like he could do without all the noisey big kids! How is a fella supposed to nap with all this commotion?

This is how our kids decided to play Skee-ball. Kyndall couldn't understand that you can't walk up the ramp and put them into the holes from there! Oh well, I don't guess she will get to the Olympics in this event!

Overall we had such a great time at Chuck E. Cheese. It was a last minute brainchild of Daddy as we were sitting at home kinda stir crazy on Saturday night. We called up Brandie and loaded her and Hayden Grace into the Tahoe about an hour later and we were off! The girls had a blast. Kyndall was so excited to ride the rides and play games that she didn't hardly even eat her pizza. Which if you know anything about Kyndall....that is completely out of character. She is much like her momma and doesn't miss a meal!

Kyndall liked the carousel best and I think she would have stayed on her "horsey" all night if we had let her. She is just an animal lover so anything along those lines is right up her alley! Hayden's favorite was the ferris wheel type ride. She wasn't even scared when it went up high. We had to drag her off of it to try the other stuff! It was really fun to take the girls out! They are both getting bigger now and I want to take advantage of the weekends to let Kyndall do stuff with her friends since she stays at home with me all week. I am glad that she and Hayden love each other so much. It is good to have friends and great to have ones that have known you since birth!

I think the Chuck E. Cheese character on the stage must be a distant relative to the Santa that comes to the mall every year because the girls reacted the same way to both fellas. They are okay from afar, but get them up close and oh buddy watch out! They were outta the area faster than you can say lickety-split! So I wasn't able to actually get a good photo of them and the places namesake! Oh well, maybe next time!

So that is how the Clay's and their friends spent Saturday evening. Just being a bunch of goofy kids! :) Time for me to catch some zzzz's!


Saturday, August 16, 2008

"Don't put an age limit on your dreams" Dara Torres U.S. Olympic Swimmer -- age 41

It is funny how the Olympics seem to be bringing out the sports fan in me! Tonight I recorded the evening events and after getting home from Chuck E. Cheese and getting all the kids to bed I have proceeded to stay up until 1 a.m. to watch them. I mean really, when did i become a hard-core marathon fan? Never in my life had I watched someone run twenty-six miles until today. And swimming...who knew it was so exciting! I love that Dara Torres, who is 41 is out there winning medals! YOU GO GIRL!!! Don't even get me started on the beach volleyball! I actually got teary eyed when people were on the medal podium! Now it is almost 2 a.m. and I have adrenaline I didn't even know I had running through my own veins. I am going to regret this at church in the morning! :) But I just think it is funny that these sports don't really interest me any other time, but every four years buddy watch out.....I will be right there cheering with the best of them! I sure wish I had gotten an invite to Heidi Swapp's place in China to get to see the games first hand.......oh well maybe I will get to go in the next four years! Good night for now!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Just some randomness!

Kyndall and her best lil buddy from church Jaelynn at the country club pool.

Sitting and spinning while waiting for the sponge rollers to set before the fair beauty pageant

Taking a big gulp from one of many little cups strewn across our back deck....Thanks Aunt Amy!

Hanging out in Hayden's new play gym! Lots of fun stuff to explore at Hayden's house!

Swinging at the park. One of the most requested activities for Kyndall outside next to sliding!

I am really proud of Jordan and I for taking as much time as we do to go out and do things for/with Kyndall even though we now have two babies extra. I think a lot of people are surprised that we get out and do as much as we do. But we figure that if we can do it with one child we can do it with three it just takes a little more prep and a lot longer to get out the door. For us to just pick up and go somewhere takes around twenty minutes, but we do it. There is rarely a time that we don't do something that someone in our family wants because of a certain kid. I think in the long run this will help each of our kids to be more spontanaeous and socially adjusted. And I don't ever want my kids to feel like they have missed out on anything growing up. Besides who wants to stay cooped up in the house all the time? I get enough of that during the week when I am home until 3 with the kids! I hope as the kids get bigger we continue to do things that are fun for all three of them, who knows what the world will bring once they are all three mobile! Watch out! :)

Hope you all have a good weekend! TTFN!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Happy Anniversary To Us!

Today is our 4 year wedding anniversary and seventh anniversary of starting to date. Wow! Time flies. It seems crazy that we have been married for only 4 years and already have three kids! We even took a year and a half before I was pregnant with Kyndall. I guess things really add up when you start having babies two at a time! Ha, ha, ha!

Our big anniversary plans are just to go tonight and have our family photos made. Which is long overdue. We haven't been professionally photographed as a family since Kyndall turned a year old and the babies haven't had their photos made professionally since they were a month old! Bad scrapbook momma!! I am super excited! We are using a new photographer, it is someone that I was given a gift certificate for back when I was preggo with Kyndall and I am just now getting around to using it! SHEW! I have seen a lot of her work and know that things will turn out great, as long as my kiddos cooperate!

Well that is all for now! Hugs to everyone! TTFN!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

You know your a NICU mom when...

* Your NICU kid is 14, and you're still talking about his or her "Adjusted Age".

* Your addicted to acronyms. *NICU, CPAAP, RSV…*

* You get all weepy when you see a normal, picture perfect delivery on TV.

* You refer to NICU procedures with the skill of a NICU nurse.

* You get a little sad when you pass a hospital.

* You can't help but tell your NICU story.

* You realize it's possible to get LESS sleep than moms of full term babies because of all the late night worrying.

* You see a picture of a baby with the NICU elephant nose and go, "Awwww!!"

* You actually have to buy doll clothes just so your NICU baby will have clothes that fit!

* You have a special box of NICU souvenirs you keep meaning to scrapbook.

* You know the name of every baby in the NICU & who their nurse is for that day.

* The different personalities of the nurses at the NICU no longer get under your've learned how to react to each one accordingly.

* You get sentimental & worried when you hear beeping sounds.

* You could check your NICU baby's vital signs faster than any health care professional you've met so far.

* You keep hand sanitizer in every room of your house & you ask people to use it before coming near your NICU baby.

* You still scrub your hands like a surgeon.

* Your only concern every day is when it's time for the "hands on" session with your baby, & you turn into Godzilla when you find out that your baby's hands on procedures were completed before you got there.

* You're an expert on calming your parents down because a NICU nurse couldn't tell them personal information on their own grandbaby. "]

* You know that "kangaroo care" isn't a kid's game, in fact-it's your most FAVORITE time of the day, the reason you get out of bed…

* You no longer need an alarm clock to wake you up at midnight every night-that's when you call to check on your NICU baby's weight!

* To everyone else, an ounce is just a measurement, but to you an ounce is more valuable than gold-you praise God for every one your NICU baby gains.

* 'Rooming in' isn't something you do with your friends over the weekend for fun-it's one of the happiest days of your life.

* Your heart skips a beat when the nurse puts you on hold before telling you your baby's daily report because you fear that may mean bad news.

* Your NICU baby is over a year old & you still feel like you need to ask someone before you hold her.

* The March of Dimes becomes the most important fund raiser to you.

* You know what Micro-Preemie means & you thank God every day that your NICU baby wasn't one; being a mother to a regular preemie was hard enough.

* Your NICU baby's home coming is THE happiest day of your life *so far*

*The hospital smell that most people hate brings tears to your eyes because it reminds you of your NICU experience.

* You bring your NICU baby home from the hospital with a new found appreciation for her doctors & nurses…God used them to save your baby's life.

I had found this on a mom's to multiples page on myspace and just wanted to post it here to have in the future for the twins scrapbooks. All of these things listed are so true for me. Even though it has been 5 months I can still feel the NICU (for those unfamiliar with the term it is Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) experience like it was yesterday. I am so glad that my babies are getting so big and so strong! I am truly blessed! Have a good evening! TTFN!

can't resist!

Just wanted to share a few more pictures from Kyndall's best friends birthday party this weekend. This is Kyndall and Blake riding around in Maddie's Barbie Jeep. I guess this is the closest her daddy will ever let her get to going out on a date! Blake's daddy even showed him how to open the door. So sweet! Blake is actually the son of one of Jordan's very best friends from high school. Jordan and Scott used to run around together and get into all kinds of messes. So it is kinda funny that now they both have kids around the same age to be able to get into trouble of their own.

Well the twins are calling. TTFN!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Hayden Grace!

Above: Hayden's cute cake! Love those animals!
Above: The birthday girl herself! The kids all ate pizza and then had cake and ice cream. I think Kyndall managed to graze on food from the time we got there all the way until we left that night!
Above: Opening up the present Kyndall gave her. It was a little people princess carriage and some clothes!
Above: Hayden has an obsession with these were by far her favorite present! Look at those sweet toes hanging out the top.
Above: Kyndall decided to get in on the action and help Hayden move it along with the present opening!

Today is Kyndall's best friend Hayden's 2nd birthday! She had a fun farm animal party on Saturday and we were lucky to be able to spend the whole day with them! It was beautiful outside not to hot, so it was the perfect day for a birthday bash. We definetely made the most of it! Now the countdown is on to Kyndall's special day. It will be here in less than 5 weeks! Wow!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Well I finally caught her! :)

I know, I know this isn't exactly the face of someone that you would think is sneaky! But this girl had us tricked! Since Friday I have been trying to catch her in the act of rolling from her back to her belly.....with no luck at all. See she did it for the first time friday afternoon. Kyndall was down for a nap so it was all clear and safe for Ms. Claire to hang out in her playgym on the floor. I had gone into the bedroom for just a few seconds and when I came back she was on her belly like this! I was super upset, afterall isn't one of the reasons I choose to stay home with my kids so that I don't miss great moments like this? Well needless to say I rolled her onto her back convinced she would do it again and stared at her for almost 20 straight minutes before Mr. Keaton required my attention. No luck. We have tried all weekend to get her to do it in front of us, but three other seperate times we have stepped out of the room for just a second only to come back and find her flipped. It was crazy! So tonight as I was watching my favorite t.v. show that I had DVR'd (big brother, which on a side note my college friend April is crazy, yet so cool! Go Girl!) Claire did the flip right in front of Jordan and I and we both missed it! Right there in front of us! Jordan rolled her back over and in just a few minutes we final got to see her elusive turn over. We were overjoyed! Actually we both cheered so loud that it startled Keaton! Oooppps! Anyway, I am glad that I got to see her in the act, before I know it she will be crawling all over. But she still has yet to go from her belly to her back, which I think is strange so maybe that is coming soon. Next is Keatons turn to try a stunt and see if he can fool us! :)

Saturday, August 9, 2008

lucky me!

I am so glad that I got to enjoy this beautiful day outside yesterday afternoon with Kyndall and her inflatable pool! I just couldn't resist taking a few pictures off our back deck. It was really a treat to enjoy the pretty weather with my sweet girl! We had a blast!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Friday thoughts

I swore that this time around I would remember the little things. Record things in the baby books, make more home videos, take the time to enjoy the baby stuff! But here I am again, wondering how in the world we fast-forwarded from the the first picture to the next. Where have the last five months gone. They seem like a blur of dr. visits, bottles, and diapers. But there has been more than that....Keaton has gained over 11 pounds and laughs out loud, Claire has smiled and almost rolled over, Kyndall has learned what seems to be every animal on earth and the sound that goes with it! All cool stuff but frankly it makes me a little sad. I looked at my kids today and realized that they will never be this way again. I need to be even more careful about enjoying each day. Jordan mentioned last night as we filled up the Tahoe with all the kids and headed to Bowling Green that one day the kids will all be able to drive themselves. It seems so far off and so close at the same time. So I guess the point of all this is to just remind myself to love all the little things......I need to slow down and be thankful for where I am at during this very moment in time.

Hope you all have a great Friday and take the time to enjoy some of the blessings that God has brought into your life.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

life is never dull.....

With Kyndall Michelle around! Keaton just looks at her like what in the world are you doing you wild woman??

Kyndall looks like she is biting Claire's ear (which she isn't thank goodness) But wait....Claire seems to be holding her own about to take a big bite of Kyndall's hand! Probably one of many matches between the two of them!

Tornado Kyndall has struck again. Donning her own style complete with shades and cowboy boots she has single handedly slung every book that she owns off of her shelf, and her giraffee and zebra lay near by witnessing the devestation! What a mess!

growing up!

Just wanted to share a sweet picture that I took of Kyndall and Claire this past month. Both are getting so big. Kyndall is saying words like crazy and is soooo smart. Claire is smiling all the time and wants to roll from her back to her belly in the worst way. This is one of the first times that Kyndall actually "held" Claire and I wasn't scared for Claire's life! :) Ha, ha, ha. I wish I had a picture of Kyndall doing the same thing with Keaton...but life with an almost two year old is unpredicatable! So his didn't turn out so great!

wow....where does the time go?

Well I am super excited to be back in the world of blogging. My computer caught a nasty virus and was down and out for to much time if you ask me. Not that I wasn't busy with the kids and all, but man did I miss the few minutes here and there that I can waste getting on line. Not to mention I never realized how often I went to the computer for help. I never thought of myself as a computer junkie, but I have now come to see that almost daily I will look up a recipe, the weather or just check out something for a "plan" that I have in the works. I am now much more appreciative of my computer and how much better it makes this stay at home mommy feel to have a connection to the outside world. On the upside though, I did find myself writing more cards and letters to folks and using (GASP!) real stamps and snail mail.....kinda pricey but worth it to let people know that you are still alive even though my computer was temporarily dead! So I am back and hope to be a faithful blogger once again. We will see how that goes! TTFN!