Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I love FALL!!

My favorite flags and the wheelbarrow that Jordan will never let me live down. I gave waaaayyyy too much for it!

Haybales, mums and pumpkins if that doesn't say fall I don't know what does!

Just another shot of my porch.

Not that I ever need an excuse to decorate, but there is just something about getting all my fall stuff out every year that brings a smile to my face. When that time of year rolls around and the air gets a little more crisp it stirs something within me. Maybe it is that we are that much closer to Christmas. Or maybe i realize that the year will be ending shortly and I better enjoy the last few months. Whatever it is, fall is a time of year that I never get tired of. Bring on the pumpkins and mums!!!

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mommy2acharligirl said...

OK, I know I comment on like EVERYTHING but your porch and decorating looks amazing. I love your primitive things. I'm sure you know that My mom and I sell primitives and candles, so we always love looking at peoples decorations!