Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I am typing this from a computer at WKU, but I could literally jump up and shout that I am "SO READY FOR THANKSGIVING BREAK!!! WOO HOO"!!!! I have to go to work at 3, then I get off at 4:30 and embark on five days of nothing but family and good eating! I love it! I am excited to spend time with my kids, and just enjoy life with no hustle and bustle. I may go shopping on black Friday, or I may not! The beauty of it all is that it is up to me! Nobody dictating our schedules! Our Christmas tree is up as well as most of the inside decor, so all I really have left to do is mess with the porch if I feel like it! It is heavenly! I am floating on a cloud thinking of all this un-scheduled downtime we are going to get to have. Sure I may do some laundry here or there, and I know I will run the dishwasher and clean the kitchen a bunch. But the smile on my face is because I know I can do it all in a t-shirt and p.j. pants and not even have to touch the eyeshadow or mascara all weekend long if I don't feel like it! Of course we all know, that the time will be to short. I will turn around and it will be Monday again. But believe you me, I am gonna enjoy the next few days in every possible way..............come on 4:30! LOL!

Hope everyone has a blessed and happy Thanksgiving. Doing whatever it is YOU want to do....eating, shopping, napping, you name it! Enjoy your family and friends and don't feel bad about having that second helping of stuffing. I know I won't!

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