Tuesday, March 1, 2011

starvin' artist! Ha yeah right!

I love being an Art student....... Everyday we are able to view something in a new way. Try a new project or learn about a new technique. No one really cares if you show up to class in your lounge clothes cause chances are that you are going to be covered in a mess by the time you leave anyways. BUT......it is a LOT of work! I never realized how many hours outside of class I would be putting into my projects. I am literally eating, breathing and sleeping my art these days. I LOVE IT! But I know I will love it more, when I can create from the comfort of my own studio with no restraints or project guidelines. Let's face it I don't have a welder, metal, power tools and safety gear at home that my 3-D class requires. And as of right now I don't have a new Mac or all the software for graphic design (YET, hurry up August!!!), so I am stuck trekkin' to WKU to do my creating on a school level. However right now is all about the learning process. Developing my style. Deciphering terms and techniques. Finding out what I do and don't like. So far on the list not a great fan of the welding, but love love love all the computer skills I am acquiring! Learning about all the great artists and viewing some AMAZING works of art.

It has re-awakened a part of my soul that has lay quiet for a long time. For the first time in years I am seeing things with fresh eyes again. I was able to spend a whole hour today enjoying a show at the Kentucky Museum on campus. To look at work from my peers and see what other artists are creating. To see what inspires others is absolutely priceless. It brings a whole new set of ideas to you for your own work!

I want to travel to all these places we are talking about in my Art History classes. See the paintings and buildings and sculptures all first hand. Stand in the same halls as these great artists of years gone by. I want to soak in the culture and inspiration of foreign ground. See new places to find new muses. I know it is a whole lotta want to's for a mom of three living in small town Kentucky. But that is all about what this journey back to college is. It is a chance to make things happen. To love what I do and things I learn so much that I can't help but pass that excitement on to my kids. To learn to love being an artist and help my kids understand why arts of all sorts are so important to the world today. So if I starve along the way, that is ok by me. I could stand to lose a few pounds anyways! Especially if it is all in the name of ART! :)

Happy Tuesday Ya'll!!!

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