Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Allen County Fair Pageant 2009!

Just wanted to post a few quick pics from the girls pageant this past weekend. They both did really well on stage and had fun. Claire placed 2nd and got a trophy (which she packed around the rest of the day!) Kyndall didn't place but she did a great job on stage. I was so proud of her and I am confident that she will do just as good at the next pageant. She is really starting to get comfortable with the audience and loves to show her stuff out there. She really made me proud this weekend!

We have been enjoying the summertime around our house. Especially the luxury of long holiday weekends like we just had. Besides the pageant we spent a lot of time swimming, hanging out as a family, and cooking out. We really had a good time as a family of 5! :)

I am still processing the fact that both of the twins are walking and they just turned 16 months old. Seems like they went from small squishy babies to toddlers overnight! *Sigh* on to the next phase. Such is life, right? :)

Well that is all for now. I am posting in the mid-morning and I think the kiddos will for sure have something destroyed by the time I step away from the computer! It is hard to tell with them. When you have three kids running three different directions the odds that one goes unsupervised and there for gets into trouble just increases! Ha, ha, ha!

Have a great Tuesday! Talk to everyone soon!

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