Friday, April 10, 2009

Gettin' ready for the Rabbit!

We colored Easter eggs with Kyndall for the first time the other day and had a really great time. She was so excited about it. I asked her before naptime if she wanted to do it when she woke up and she replied "yah, it be fun!" :) Like she just knew it was something that sounded like a blast! She is so funny! Of course she wanted to stick her hands in the dye cups when she wasn't busy using the wax crayon or the stickers. But luckily for us, her favorite color is yellow and that dye was really pale so she didn't dye her hands too badly! We ended up dying a little over two dozen. I had boiled three dozen eggs, but of course had a few to break and she wanted to eat a few too. All my kids love eggs, so I know that these won't go to waste!!

The funny thing is I remember coloring eggs as a kid, but never realized all the pre-work that went into it. It really took me a long time to get everything set up and ready to go! LOL!:) But it was worth it. I guess this years festivities will be calm compared to the rest here on out. This year I only had to worry about Kyndall and what she was doing with the eggs, while the twins played in the floor. Next year they will all want to have their hands in the dye pots! Shew! I need a year to get ready for that!!! :)

Hope everyone has a blessed Easter! :) TGIF!!!


Sharon said...

Oh, what fun with the kids. I love the photos of the colored eggs, they came out beautifully!

Paige said...

This is adorable! She looks like she had a blast! I love her ponytail too! The picture of eggs is perfect, you all did a fabulous job!

Charli and I are going to try our adventure at coloring eggs tomorrow night hopefully!

Suz said...

She is too cute!

Hope you have a wonderful Easter

themusicinbetween said...

beautiful pictures! ;)