Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I have enjoyed all the challenges so far of going back to college full-time. It has been rewarding to try new things and challenge myself to learn material and take tests all over again! (hey it has been almost 9 years!) But the late nights at school and the extra work that goes into design projects, artwork and general studying has left me a little (ok a lot) worn out. That is why I couldn't be happier that from tonight until Sunday night I am on FALL BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really need this time to get lots of things done that have fallen by the wayside since this summer. First and foremost I need to get a haircut! I haven't been to get one in months and I am not sportin' this mini-mullet past the weekend. It has GOT TO GO! Secondly I plan on getting all my laundry done and the kids summer stuff put away. I will keep out a few outfits in case we experience any unseasonably warm weather again, we do live in KY afterall. They always say if you don't like the weather here just wait a few minutes and it will change! But for the most part if it is summer it is headin' into hibernation in the basement. Last but not least I am going to get all my fall decorations out and up! I have been wanting to buy some new stuff lately, but I promised myself I wouldn't get anything until I took inventory of the stuff I already have. Not that I NEED anything else, but it is always nice to add a new fall prim or two to the collection.

On the FUN side of things, I think we are going to try and make it to Jackson's Orchard. I would love to wait a little longer til the leaves are changing more, but I think the weather this weekend is supposed to be pretty spectacular. So we will take advantage of that while we can!

So that is my next four days in a nutshell. I hope to squeeze in some good walks and outside time in there too. But if the laundry beast takes me over then I will have to slay it before I can play! :) I will try to post pics of the fall deco. as a little motivation to get it all done!

Hope everyone has a great rest of the week! TTYL!

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