Friday, June 12, 2009

Forgive my tardiness......

but I am still so proud of my girls! :)

Claire and Kyndall both did the Ms. & Mr. Barren River Pageant last Saturday and despite it being a long day with lots of waiting did AWESOME once they went on stage!!!

Claire was in a category with other girls her age (from 13 months-18 months) and won 2nd place! She did great on stage. Standing up by herself for a bit, and waving at the judges some. She also did a little foot stompin' dance which must have won her some personality points!!! Even though her behaviour off-stage was a little wild, she still did a good job when it counted most! Once they handed her a trophy she was a happy camper. It was a new "toy" to play with and she enjoyed chewing on it for the ride home!

Kyndall was in the 24-35 months age group and she did a great job also. She walked up onto the stage without hesitation. I went with her, but this is the first time ever that we didn't have to pack her out there and set her down. She smiled, waved and blew her kisses just like we had practiced. She kept talking about getting a kings crown (like the little boys had won) She got mad for a few minutes when we had to leave the stage the first time cause she didn't get to take one with her. But she was happy once awards were announced! She got third place and they handed her a trophy. It had a beauty queen on it and she kept saying "look mommy a queen on it!" She packed it around the rest of the day!

This will be one of the many pageants that we plan to do this summer. Kyndall is at an age where she is really enjoying them. And despite Claire's ornery streak, she seems to like being in front of the crowd too!

Below are just a few of the photos Jordan took that day. I love my girls!!!!


wholarmor said...

Cute girls! Congratulations to them on their trophies!

Paige said...

They are so adorable!