Friday, June 19, 2009

Stormy weather!!

We have had some really strong storms roll through our area the past few weeks. I am not a big fan of thunder or lightning, but if we are going to get it I much prefer it in the day vs. the night! :) Earlier this week, while in the kitchen fixing lunch, I noticed these clouds right outside my window. Of course I had no idea we were even expecting any rough weather, the kids had Noggin on and they don't give me breaking storm news! LOL! The clouds were moving so quickly, that I really didn't think anything would materialize around us. So I went out on the porch and snapped a few shots. Within about five minutes these clouds had pushed on through and pulled in a glorious storm, full of thunder and lighting. Since there were no tornado watches in effect for our county, I went ahead and did the usual lunch routine with the kiddos. None of them were scared by the large lightning flashes or big booms of thunder. Kyndall asked what it was the first time, and then after that kept telling her bubby and sis "It's okay guys, just 'tormin'!" LOL! So cute! Their biggest beef with the whole storm was it knocked out our cable for a little while. They couldn't understand why I couldn't turn Yo Gabba Gabba back on for them! :) Oh to be a kid again! When that is your biggest worry! So needless to say, we rode out the storm. The grass and flowers outside all got a good healthy drink, and we have some pretty neat pics. Although, I don't think we will take up a career as storm chasers, it was neat to see the whole thing develop and know we were safe and sound!

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Jingle said...

Wow! Those photos are amazing! I really love storms! They calm me down wonderfully!