Monday, May 11, 2009

AWANA closing ceremonies 2009

So proud of her AWANA participation certificate! She packed it around the house for days, before I snuck it away to put into her scrapbook!

Accepting her certificate from Ms. Tricia!!

They were singing a song about all the things they do in AWANA.....this part was "Pray quietly" It melted my heart when I saw that Kyndall knew the words and the motions to the song!

The Puggles class performing for us! :)

This was Kyndall's first year to be able to attend AWANA at our church. She absolutely loved it and looked forward to it every Sunday evening. Whenever she would see me hanging up her Puggles (her class's name)shirt, she would get all excited and say "I wanna go there." or "let's go church". So to be able to go and have a celebration of all they have done this year was really special. Their class was the first up and they sang two songs for us. It was sooo neat to see all the little fellas lined up and Kyndall even knew the words to the songs! It was very sweet. They got certificates of participation from Ms. Patricia and Kyndall was very anxious to go up and get hers. She waited patiently (as patiently as 2 and a half will allow) for her name to be called and just looked and looked at it once she had it in her hot little hands! We had a great night with our church family and enjoyed seeing all the other classes recite their verses and get awards too. My favorite picture of the ones I posted is where Kyndall has her little hands folded to pray. It was a part of one of the songs they were singing, and it just reminded me how grown up she is. Doing all sorts of things on her own! She is such a little blessing and I am so thankful for the love and guidance she gets from all her friends and church family at White Plains Baptist Church!


terri d said...

This is so cute and precious..

Glad she is involved in AWANA my grandaughter in Florida is also.

Hugs Terri

JeffSm said...

Great post about Awana and great pictures. We're featuring your post now at Thanks again.

Awana Web team