Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wordless Wednesdays

Okay, okay, just a few words. :) You know me!!! I just feel a little vain posting a picture of myself on here (usually I at least have my kiddos or something) But I needed to put this in a place that was well, um, public! See I am down over twenty pounds since the first of the year. It has been a long and slow process, but I am losing weight the right way no pills, or fad diets, or slimming teas. Just cutting out calories and workouts at the Y. So I wanted to put this picture up to remind myself every now and again, how far I have come. Of course I still have a long ways to go. But I need to remember that slow and steady wins the race. It is tempting to fall back into old habits once that first little bit of weight comes off. But I need to keep going. I want to be healthy for my kids and my husband. I want to continue to reach goals that I have set for myself. And this picture of what I look like now will be a reminder of that. Hopefully I will look back at this photo twenty more pounds from now and see a different person than I am at that point. I want to keep going. I need to keep going. So this is my little way of remotivating myself. I don't want to look back and think gosh you had such a good start what happened. I want to look back and think wow I am even better now than I was then!

Shew, so that just made Wordless Wednesday, become Wordy Wednesday.....back to our regularly scheduled blogging about kids, family and the things we do daily! LOL! :)

Happy Hump Day everyone!


terri d said...

GREAT!!!!!! You are lookin good girl keep up the good work!!!

So sad to see the possibility of you guys moving. I know you want to be by your family and I miss mine too. So I can't blame you for wanting your kids to grow up with cousins and such now that my kids are older it makes me sad for them too!!!

Hugs Terri

Paige said...

This is great!!!
& You look great yourself!

WHAT! Possibility of you all moving?? I had no idea. I didn't see that in your post, either. Wow, I'm behind. Whatever decision that you make, I know that you will make the best one.

Sharon Giordano said...

Congrats on the weight loss - so much better to do it your way than fad diets that don't stick. Keep up the good work!

Caroll Brammer said...

Lookin' great, Lady!

wholarmor said...

Lookin' great! Congrats!