Thursday, May 22, 2008

I'm back...

Well after a weekend chock full of sickness and then the first half of the week in the hospital with Keaton I am back. And I am glad to say that everyone is on the mend! On Friday I took the twins to Dr. Simmons since they both had a coughes and overall just acted like they felt crummy. Claire was diagnosed with an ear infection ( a first for her ) and poor Mr. Keaton was put through the paces, including a chest x-ray.....all to find out that he had pnuemonia. We left her office with two prescriptions and hope that they would both feel better soon. Claire improved really right away, but Keaton got worse by Friday night. After a long night we headed to the dr on call first thing saturday morning. He sent us home with breathing treatments and oral steriods and told us to call him sunday to update him on Keaton's condition. By Sunday Keaton had almost completely quit eating and was feeling just rotten. So after several more calls to the dr we ended up back at Dr. Simmon's office first thing monday morning. She sent us to the hospital immediately. We had to wait in Private Referral for awhile were they attempted to start Keaton's i.v. which ended up taking almost two hours!!!! Finally they had a room available for us in pediatrics and so we made our way up there. Everyone in the hospital were very good to us and we ended up having some of my old scrappin' buddies for nurses. So overall it was an okay experience. I kind of knew what to expect since Kyndall had been in the hospital with RSV and pnuemonia when she was 3 1/2 months old. The worst part of the whole stay was when Keaton's i.v. infiltrated his arm. It was horrible cause I knew he must have been in so much pain and I felt like a bad momma for not keeping my eye on it. Then right before discharge was a little hectic with several nurses and respitory therapists preparing us to leave. We were all glad to be in our own beds last night. Well that is all for now, I think I know of two little babies who are ready to eat!

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