Wednesday, May 7, 2008

time flies!

I can't believe that Keaton and Claire are already two months old. It feels like just a minute ago that I was big and miserably pregnant! This Friday we go for their first round of immunizations at doctor simmon's office. I dread it. I am not sure how I will handle trying to comfort both babies after their respective turns at the needle. I guess I will let Claire go first since she is the oldest (ha, ha) and the nurse will just have to wait until I get her happy again to do Keaton's shots. That is one of the hardest parts I have found so far of having twins, deciding whose needs are the most urgent when I am home with them by myself during the day. It is a constant balancing act. But all so worth it. It is so nice to see Keaton getting bigger and stronger everyday. I get so much joy out of experiencing their emerging personalities. Claire is definetely the strong willed, scream-til-I-get-it, headstrong one. Keaton on the other hand is my laid back, strong-but-silent, easy boy. Funny how two babies who shared a womb for 33 weeks could be so different physically and personality wise. It is going to be so fun to see how they grow....Stay Tuned!

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