Friday, May 9, 2008

you know you are knee deep in mommyhood when....

A few things have come to mind since the twins arrived and I have realized that I am smack dab in the middle of being a mommy. Some of the signs I noticed have been cute or funny, some are down right disgusting, and at times a little sad. So I thought I would write down some things I have observed to look back and reflect on one day far from now when my babies are grown. So you know you are knee deep in mommy hood when.......

*you can run through a diaper bag checklist faster than you can run the 100 meter dash.

*half of your day is spent with a wipe and diaper in hand.

*When you tell your husband "I am going to pump" you don't mean iron you mean breast milk for the babies!

*the thought of having just one child with you on a trip to the grocery store sounds like a tropical vacation.

*you say multiple names before you pick the proper name for the child you are talking about.

*Pacifier hunts are endless and never seem as fun as hunting for easter eggs!

and finally you know you are knee deep in mommyhood when you have to quit blogging to tend to a crying baby! TTYL!

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