Friday, May 2, 2008

Today's to-do's!

Well, here it is Friday and I still have a whole weeks worth of chores to catch up on. These are the things I hope to accomplish by Sunday evening-

*three to four loads of laundry--washed,dryed, folded and put away
*empty dishwasher and reload and run
*clean both bathrooms including the tubs
*vacuum our bedroom and Kyndall's room
*put away gifts still sitting in the floor of Keaton's room

I know it may not seem like much, but with three kids running amock it can seem like a challenge! I will try to get as much of this done today as I can in between taking care of the babies and general daily stuff. But more importantly today I get to prepare diaper bags and the babies to go to Relay for life tonight. It is an annual thing for the Clay family. We have gone every year since Jordan and I have been married. We enjoy getting out and helping a great cause, some years it rains and we get stuck in the gym at the high school. Most years it at least threatens rain, and today is no exception. I am hoping that it holds off since we will be hauling out our doubler stroller or the limousine as we call it, plus all Kyndall's stuff. That is a lot of junk to have to pack up in a hurry if the heaven's open up on us! But I don't care if I am alone or have ten kids, this is an event that I don't ever want to miss. So bottom line is if the house doesn't get clean it isn't the end of the world, but I do want to go out tonight and show support for all those battling cancer.

Well a babies cry tells me it is time to wrap it up.
Blog ya later!

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