Friday, February 6, 2009

The never ending battle

At my house there is constantly a battle going on for something. A car, a pony, a sippy cup, a blanket. Keaton wants what Kyndall has, Claire wants what Keaton has, Kyndall wants what Claire and Keaton have. The possibilities and combinations of who wants to take what from whom is endless. So I decided the other night to just take a breather. Not worry about who took what from who and sit back and take a few pictures so we could all look back one day and laugh. Here is what I came up with during battle-- "SIPPY CUP"!

Keaton waiting and watching patiently for the right time to pounce on Claire and the cup!

The beginning of the cup tug-o-war. I love the look on Claire's face here. She looks so darn determined!

She looks to have won for the moment. I think Keaton got occupied with something else.

Somehow she must have lost control cause now Keaton was back in possession of the prized cup.

Claire is back in control and is thinking that biting might be a good defense. I swear the kids do own more than just one sippy! I could put 1o0 out for them and they would still fight over the exact same one!!

I had to back up a little cause the action was getting pretty intense.

In the end I am not sure who ended up with the cup. I kept laughing so hard that I had to stop taking pictures. But I have a feeling they both forgot about it after awhile and went on to fight over bigger and better things, like who got to chew on the t.v. remote next. Aaahhh, the little things in life. :)

Hope everyone has some fun plans for the weekend. I am going to be busy organizing, pricing, and sorting all my kids clothes and toys they have outgrown. I am getting ready for the spring little angels attic sale. Also I am hosting a sale of my own Saturday Feb. 28th at the Washington Center, if anyone is interested in being included or just coming to shop email or message me on facebook for more details.

Have a great weekend! TTFN!! :)


Betty said...

These pics are too cute!!!! What a blessing!

Good luck with the sorting and pricing.

Paige said...

This is way to cute. Claire's face was priceless in that one picture. I remember my sister and I fighting over things when we were children. I doubt my Mom ever laughed over it, so ups to you!! lol. What kind of sale are you having at the Washington Center? BTW, claire's outfit is darn adorable and her hair is getting so much longer!

Thank you for the comment on my "daddy?" post. I don't cosider myself as strong...I am far from that. I have so much family and support and if I were ever in the position of not having them I am not sure what I would do. Thank you for sharing your story with me, we have some in common on that aspect.
I am so ready for the icing on my cake =)

Chris said...

Adorable! I think we have that same sippy cup at my house.