Monday, February 2, 2009

Let the biting begin!!!

It is official both the twins have teeth! Which is really odd to some folks that they are almost a year old and just now getting their first teeth. But let me tell ya, they have Kyndall beat already. That child had her one year photos taken on her birthday and her smile was just as gummy as the day she was born. She had all this crazy wild hair that stuck up everywhere and a big gummy grin. She looked like a cute little old lady who forgot the fixodent! So the twins being just shy of 11 months and having teeth is big news for me!

Poor Keaton had been working on his tooth for what seemed like months and months. I can remember all the way back to September him starting to get annoyed with it. He was like Kyndall and decided to cut his top teeth first. Which my pediatrician says is really rare in kids (apparently not rare in mine!). I swore everyday for the past five months that tooth was gonna make an appearance soon. And lo and behold Friday the little bugger finally went from one big knot on his gum to a little pearly white sticking through. I was so happy for him! Now maybe he can get some rest at night. That is until the next tooth decides to make its appearance.

Now Claire on the other hand was a complete surprise. We had been checking her for months. Thinking that she would start teething any day just cause Keaton was. I can't tell you how many well-baby check ups and regular old sick visits we went to where Dr. Patty would look at both of them and assure me Keaton's were on the way, but say that Claire's were no where to be found yet. I never questioned it cause she never offered to complain about her teeth. She wasn't overly fussy. She didn't drool like a garden hose like Keaton did. For the most part once she went to sleep at night she did fine. I just assumed she would get them late. Maybe even later than Kyndall. I wasn't too worried about it. I remember when Kyndall was going on eight months old and still didn't have a tooth I called Dr. Patty all torn up about it. She reassured me that it was perfectly okay for her not to have any teeth. In fact she told me the longer they stayed under the better chance she had at having great teeth. So for me (someone who had a gap so big between her front teeth she could stick her tongue through it, which led to lots of time in braces and the dreaded headgear! UGH!) that was A-Okay with me! Last night Claire had a little bit of a crying spell around 3 and then just basically decided she was up for the day. We just chalked it up to her maybe being a little gassy and then once she was up, we just thought she was ready for playtime. It wasn't until this afternoon that I saw her put her hand to her mouth and I thought she had picked up something she shouldn't have off the floor to chew on. I did a quick sweep of her mouth and hit something hard. Assuming it was whatever she put in her mouth, I picked her up to get a better angle to retrieve it. And there it was, a little sweet tooth on the bottom gums. It was actually out further than the one Keaton had been working on for months. And then right next to it, the start of the other! I was so excited and shocked all at the same time. How could this kid have gotten almost two teeth and I be totally oblivious!!!??!!! After I got over the guilt of feeling like a bad mom, I chalked it up to being super busy with three kids, and I am just hoping I am more aware of her next major milestone whatever that might be, to make up for it!

So now I am excited that both babies should have pretty good chompers in time for their one year pics. Funny how you can have three kids and they all do everything at such different times and in their own particular way. I guess it is just a good reminder to me that they will continue to do and grow in their own ways as the years go by. I can't expect one to do like the other did or vice versa. I am just blessed with three beautiful wonderful kids, who all keep me on my toes in their own ways. I just can't wait to see what they do next!!!

Happy Monday everyone! TTFN!


terri d said...

How sweet! That is too funny. I hope thy fon't turn out to br biters like 2 of mine were.

Have fun!

terri d said...

apparently I can't hit the right keys to type today LOL

Chris said...

They do grow, develop and change at their own rates don't they. My boys are such opposites and both hit every milestone at different points in their little lives. LOL. Thanks for bringing back some memories for me.

Paige said...

This is to cute. Charli Beth was the same way. I ended up taking her to the dentist because I was scared that she didn't have all of the teeth in that she needed at the time, and they honestly laughed at me. lol. Isn't it SO neat how children are all different just like they say pregnancy is? I think so!