Tuesday, February 10, 2009

knee deep in kids stuff!

Hi everyone! I have been slackin' on the bloggin' lately due to sickness and just overall busy-ness at my house! I am glad to report that I am feeling a lot better and so is Keaton. I wish I could say the same for Ms. Claire. On top of her sinus infection she has popped another tooth, this time on the top and she is really in miserable teething mode. I feel so sorry for her. I can tell she is really feeling down cause for the past few days she has just wanted to be held and cuddled and close to me. For a girl that is usually always on the go and can't even stop to take a bottle, that is a huge difference. So I am hoping and praying that in a few more days the sinus infection will clear up. She finished her antibiotic today, so it shouldn't be long. Then from there she might get some relief with her teeth too!

Aside from tackling half of our household being under the weather, I am also knee-deep in a major sale preparation. I was lucky enough to get a consignor number in the Lil Angels Attic sale, but after I surveyed all my kids stuff I was going to have way more than the 150 items they allow you. When you have to purchase baby stuff in two's it really adds up! So I decided to rent out a place here in Scottsvegas to have a sale of my own. Then whatever is left from that can go on the the Lil Angels sale. Trust me I have enough to go around! I have bouncey seats, exersaucers, bathtubs, toys, playgyms, and tons, and tons, and tons of clothes that need to go! They are consuming half of my basement at this very moment!!! Considering Kyndall never wore the same outfit twice until she was about two, I guess you can imagine how much stuff I have!! Claire was able to wear a few things of Kyndall's but because of the difference in the seasons I had to buy a lot of new stuff for her too. It all just really adds up! I keep all my stuff in great condition since I usually sell it when I am done with it. I am a major stain stalker and asked for five bottles of Oxiclean for Christmas if that tells ya anything! LOL! :) So I had lots of people contacting me about looking at my stuff before I took it to Lil Angels. Rather than hassle with a bunch of different people coming to my house at all different times, I figured it would be easier just to do one big sale in a central location. So on February 28th from 8-2 I will be hosting a huge tag sale at the Washington Office Building in Scottsville. Most of my things will be kids items as I mentioned above. Girls clothes sizes 0-18months and boys clothes size 0-12months. But I will also have my hairblossoms, bow holders, and some scrapbook items (supplies as well as pre-made) albums for sale. Also my friend Andrea is going to have a bunch of nice primitive items for sale. If anyone is interested in more details about the sale or would like to come and set up a few tables yourself feel free to message me on facebook.

So that is what I have been up to. On top of that the twin's first birthday is looming in the near future. But luckily the supplies have been bought and the invitations are about complete. So it has taken a backseat for the moment to the other tasks at hand. Hope everyone is enjoying their week. I will update later, if any more exciting news comes my way! LOL! :) TTFN!


Sherri S said...

Oh I hope the little one feels better! It always made my heart ache when mine were sick at that age. LOVE the sale idea. I just sold mine at a consignment shop way back when. GOOD LUCK!

Paige said...

I hope everyone in the household gets better soon. The sickness has slowly been coming around in our house, hopefully the lil one here wont get it. I wish I knew if I was ever going to have more kiddos so I could come to your sale. It would be perfect if I knew I was! lol. I guess I'm just dreaming? haha.

I tagged you.

themusicinbetween said...

Glad that everyone is feeling better again, hopefully Claire soon will too! The sale sounds like so much fun! Hope it goes great!