Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wordless Wednesday!

Well maybe just a few words.....I am still sick.....with the stinks! I will take this as my lesson to always get my flu shot. Always. Always. Always! I make my kids do it, so I should too!!! I have not been sick for this long in a very, very, very long time. I will be doing the happy dance when it is all said and done. So once the sickness leaves I promise to be a better blogger, but for now you will have to be satisfied with some cute pics of my beautiful kiddos (if I do say so myself) ! Happy Wednesday everyone, hope your health is better than mine at the moment! :P

Claire with my empty water from working out. This thing is as big as she is, almost! :)

All smiles! Although she looks like she is up to no good! What a stinker!!!

My sweet boy and his handsome little face! Such a cutie pie!

Keaton on the move! This boy finally has crawling figured out and he is pretty speedy too!!

Kyndall showing off her new fake smile. Most of the time she won't have anything to do with my camera, but on the rare chance she does we get something like this! Shew...Hollywood here we come! LOL!


Chris said...

Sorry to hear you are sick. I hope you feel better soon.
Sweet pictures of the kids. They are so precious.

Paige said...

Hope you're feeling better being the weekend is here!
I didn't get Charli or I either one a flu shot this year...crazy I know. Thankfully, I don't think whatever I have is the flu (just whatever the crappy stuff everyone else has had).

Keaton is adorable! He has the cutest little baby face! I'm glad he finally has crawling figured out! & The girls are adorable as always too.

themusicinbetween said...

Hey I just got the email about Claire! I will be praying for her and you all as well! I hope that you are feeling better too!

Neusinha said...

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Your work is beautiful, congratulations