Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Two peas in a pod.

Matching outfits that they wore to the church Christmas program. I love my sweet girls!

Causing a major mess in Kyndall's room! Unfortunately we are still working on learning about clean-up! :)

Kyndall reading Claire a bedtime story after bathtime the other night.

So sweet to see them standing side by side.

Kisses before bedtime, from big sissy!

Lately, I have been enjoying the relationship that has formed between Claire and Kyndall. To put it lightly they are inseparable. Where one is the other wants to be, no matter what. Being an only child, I was not really sure what type of bonds my kids would form and when. I sure didn't think being buddies would happen at this early of an age. But these two girls really seem to enjoy each other. Claire likes to be in the middle of any action, and Lord knows Kyndall is ALL about ACTION!!! Kyndall likes that she can give and take toys at her will and Claire never really seems to fuss. She loves her bubby and sissy equally, but if Claire isn't by her side, Kyndall is usually asking where she is. I am hoping that this companionship lasts them long after I am gone. I think having a sister is a blessing and I am so glad that my girls have each other.

Some of you may worry that Keaton will feel left out in all this, but I really don't think that is gonna be a problem. He is content when the girls are off together. That means more mommy time for him and also that his sisters are leaving him alone! He prefers his space more than Claire so Kyndall is more of an irritant than an attraction to him right now. I know that will probably change the more mobile he becomes. But for now, as a momma I am just fine that he still likes to be concerned with me and what I am doing. There are never enough hours in the day for us to sit and cuddle! He is afterall, his momma's boy! :)

Who wouldn't love that sweet face and chubby cheeks for kissin'??? Such a sweetie.

Well happy Tuesday everyone. I am off to start and hopefully finish my to-do list! Hurray! TTFN!


Chris said...

Your babies are just beautiful. I am sure their sisterly bond will stay strong. They have a wonderful role model in you. Dote on that momma's boy! I have two and couldn't be prouder about it.

terri d said...

Those pictures are so priceless! I hope the girls continue there bonding as teenagers but somehow I had two sisters and I fought with the one closes to my age and we still are fighting after all these years!!! We are 2years and 9 months apart! As far as Keaton goes I have girl, boy, girl and my girls always said my boy was my favorite! LOL I have no favorites each child has there own unique personalities and you love them for who they are!! Good luck enjoy them while they are young they are precious.

Hugs Terri D.

the RaMbLeR said...

The girls look so adorable together..I like the pic of them standing side by side too..

ps. I have an award for YOU! Come see what it is!

Paige said...

The girls are to cute together. Although my sister and I were like this, we also became fighter. I hope you two stay "peas in a pod." Keaton is so adorable, I'm loving that last picture of him. He has the sweetest little face!