Monday, January 5, 2009

I am so honored to have been given this award by two of my local blogger gals! They both are busy moms just like me. Paige whose blog is Mommy to a Charli girl , is such a cool girl! She is also an inspiration to me. As a single mom she is doing an awesome job with her little girl and pursuing her own career goals. She has really got it all together!

I also got the award from Samantha whose blog is called The highs, the lows and the in-betweens . She is a great example of someone with the determination to reach her goals, even while being a momma. She recently graduated college and is going to be a teacher. I just know that she is gonna be a great one and I can't wait until she gets a teaching position here in Allen County!

So here are the rules I am following to pass on this awesome award:

Find the beautiful ladies that you follow and give them this award. Hopefully, it will truly mean something to each and every one of you. Don't be shy...give it to the same person and don't forget to tell the recipients!

So here are the BEAUTIFUL women that I am honoring with this award!

Chris @ What's in Sissy's Head? She is a fellow Nebraskan and beyond that she always has fun posts to read. As a mom of two boys I know that she is super busy, but she always finds the time to comment on my posts which I love! Thanks for being such a neat gal!

The Rambler whose blog is called what else.....The Rambler :) Each time I read her blog I usually leave laughing. She keeps a great sense of humor despite the fact that she has some serious situations that she deals with on a daily basis. Her youngest child has Cerebral Palsy and I can't imagine how challenging it must be for her to do all she does with other kids, and a home to run! So for her to even have the time to blog, or joke, or even sit down is amazing! My hat goes off to her!!!!

So those are the gals getting the award from me. Thanks again Paige and Samantha for the award! It really does mean a lot! :) Happy Tuesday everyone!!


Chris said...

Wow! Thanks you know I have been tagged for lots of awards and they are all fun but this is really a special one. Thanks for saying such nice things about me. I love reading your blog and following your family!

the RaMbLeR said...

You are such a sweetie! You made me tear up! I honestly only do what any other mom in my shoes does/would do!

You have to go check out my post!! Seriously! Who knew!?

I love reading your blog and am thankful your enjoy mine! Please continue to visit!