Thursday, January 22, 2009

Something fun and random.

I was catching up with all my regular blog reading the other day (which takes several days, cause I am addicted to so many of the awesome, funny, talented bloggers out there) and came across a challenge on my friend Chris's blog. She challenged us to leave a comment on her page and she would assign us a random letter of the alphabet. Then we had to come up with ten things that we like/love that start with that letter and why. I thought it sounded like a fun idea and so I jumped in. My letter she assigned me was the letter "L". So here are ten things I like/love starting with "L".

1. Little Kids-- Namely Kyndall, Claire and Keaton. I am a little partial to those particular little kids for some reason! I have them running all over my house, so I might as well love 'em. Right? :)

2. Late nights--Since the twins arrived I am a late night gal. I enjoy the peace and quiet and free time to spend catching up on chores, watching t.v. or just doing whatever I feel like. Some of my best ideas have come to me at 1, 2 and 3 in the morning.

3. Laughing--It is a no-brainer. Nothing beats laughing. I love it. The deep kind. That leaves you with black mascara tears, gasping for breathe, and holding your belly. For me when I laugh really hard I usually end up with the hiccups too. Not a great side effect, but totally worth it.

4. Long Distance phone calls--Nothing makes me feel much better than a phone call to my Aunt Amy back in Nebraska. She is my best friend, my hero, my confidant, and the closest thing I have ever had to a mom since my mom passed away. I love her so much, and nothing is better than a Sunday evening phone call to catch up with her and all my family in the Cornhusker State.

5. Leaves in the fall--Fall is by far my favorite season. The weather becomes more tolerable. We make our annual trip to the orchard. I get to decorate my porch and home for fall. The colors of all the trees turning is splendid here in Southern Ky. Everywhere you turn it seems like a different set of leaves are putting on a show. It is one of my favorite things about living in this part of the country.

6. Loose fitting clothes--We all know what that means! As I stick to my First Place plan, I am starting to notice a difference in how some of my clothes are fitting. For me it is something I have really been working on this year. I have several health goals I want to reach and I have never been more motivated. I have been repeating this mantra lately...."what we eat in private, we wear in public."

7. Lots of friends--I have never been the kind of person who can only have one friend at a time. Although I have met lots of those types of people. We usually don't click. I say the more the merrier! You can never have enough friends.

8. Lipgloss--I prefer it over lipstick. I think it is easier to wear and not as harsh. It is usually the last thing I put on before out the door. I have been known to wear it around the house, even when I don't have any other makeup on!

9. Long weekends--Granted I don't work in the traditional sense. But trust me raising three kids is the toughest job I have ever had. And I have had some bad ones. (Once I worked for the Gallup poll when I lived in NE. Basically I got paid to be hung up on.) So even though my job doesn't stop for the weekends, my husbands does. So any extra days that I have with him at home to help me is a BONUS!

10. Lots of Music--I couldn't live my life without songs. I love music of all colors, shapes and sizes. Country, Hip-Hop, Pop, Rap, Alternative, name it I probably know it and listen to it. I dare say that given the choice of no t.v. for the rest of my life or never getting to listen to a song ever again, I would give up my reality shows in a heartbeat.

So there ya have it. A fun little list for your reading enjoyment this Thursday afternoon. I am glad that tomorrow is Friday. The twins are going to be spending their very first night at Granmom's tomorrow night. I hope all goes well with that, since they still don't sleep through the night. We are taking that chance to get out with Kyndall and do something fun with just the three of us. We don't get to do that much. So it should be fun. I am sure I will post some photos of whatever it is we decide to do.

Happy Thursday everyone. TTFN!


Paige said...

Oh this was a cute idea! You should deff. assign me a letter. Be nice though, my mind doesn't function to great outside of the "box" lol. What are you guys doing with Kyndall? We are taking Charli to the circus on Saturday (since i'm actually off WOOHOO!)

Samantha said...

I would like a letter too...I'm with Paige nice!!

Chris said...

Great list. All perfectly good things starting with the letter L that I also share a Love of.

The One and Only said...

I want a letter too!