Sunday, January 18, 2009

Another big-girl moment! <----read another tearful moment for mommy!!!

This was Kyndall's precious long hair on Thursday morning as she played with Claire. It was soooo long and soft. When she took a bath and got her hair wet, it went clear past the middle of her back.

But as long and lovely as it was, it was starting to show a few signs of wear and tear. Sadly, it was becoming a little lacking in luster and got stringy looking pretty quickly.

So that prompted this trip for her first ever haircut! Which made me sad and tearful, anxious and scared all at the same time!!!

Although she was as cool as a cucumber! In my opinion I had two things going for me which helped put Kyndall and myself at ease. Number one: One of my best friends owns a salon and she was going to be doing the honors of this first cut! So Kyndall was totally okay with being there. Number two: Kyndall had just been at Hairworks last week to see her favorite big-girl friend Brittany get her hair cut. Since Brittany is almost 16, everything she does is pretty cool to Kyndall! Needless to say Kyndall talked about getting her own haircut all week long after she left from hanging out with the Gunter's that day.

So she was totally fine when Brandie got started and put all her hair up in a clip. In fact she even remembered that Brittany had also gotten her eyebrows waxed the week before and was more concerned with asking us about getting hers done too, than anything else!

She got to wear this totally cool kiddie-cape with the fish on it! You can see her cheering section behind her consisting of Gran-mom and Bubba Keaton. We couldn't get a shot of the other two supporters cause Claire and Daddy try to avoid momma's paparazzi tendencies!

She got to take the clip out once her cape was secured and she must have thought that was pretty neat by the look on her face! :)

She sat pretty still and with a little bribing and coaxing we were able to get her to look down so that Brandie could gage where to make the first cut.

Brandie even squirted her hair with water to wet it and then let Kyndall try out the squirt bottle too! Mommy was an instant target, but I didn't care as long as we ended up with an even 'do!

I am pretty sure that I held my breathe for both this photo and the next one...........................

YIKES!!! Was I really sure that 2 inches was not too much? Would I hate the way it looked? Would I cry and cry and cry that I had cut off the hair that my baby had since the day she was born? Not really the same hair, but that is how I thought of it.

Shew we all made it through the first snip. Kyndall didn't cry, I remembered to breathe again, and we decided to continue the bribes with a sucker which made Ms. K very, very, very happy!

See I told you....very, very, very happy!!!

The only thing that really bugged her was trying to figure out the entire time how to get her arms out from under the cape! Have you ever tried to eat a sucker without your hands??? Quite messy and not something I really recommend with a two year old!!!

Still waiting patiently to check out her new 'do!

When it was all said and done and she figured out that she still had hands despite the cape, Kyndall gave it a quick once over with the old sticky sucker fingers and was quite pleased!!

So here is the new look. Still my baby girl. Just minus two inches of sweet strawberry blonde locks which are now tucked securely into a baggie attached to her first haircut certificate! Just waiting to find a home in her scrapbook.

And even though we decided against the eyebrow wax for at least the next 14 years, we compromised and let her get the works package complete with blow out and style from Brandie's talented hands! LOL!

So here is the final look. Much softer and prettier than what she started the day with.

And last but not least a shot for the scrapbook of Brandie and Ms. K who was still thoroughly enjoying the sucker long after the glow of that fresh from the beauty shop feeling had left her!

Sniff, there you have it the story of Kyndall's first haircut and a brief reminder to me that yes my baby is growing up. :) Oh well, I should be glad that I at least get to tell the stylist what to do! I don't even want to think of her having a "style" of her own in mind in the near future! YIKES!!!

Hope everyone had a good weekend! TTFN!!


mean mom productions said... it. We still take pictures of when the girls get their hair cut.

Samantha said...

Wait until she takes it upon herself to cut her hair. Austin got into Kerry's beard trimmer, lol, went straight down the middle of his head!! Thank God he's a boy! We just shaved it off! I know it's a big was for me too and he's a boy...I can only imagine those long locks being cut away!! It will be ok though...

Chris said...

She looks like she does really well getting her hair cut. She's so pretty and her hair is still beautiful.

Paige said...

Awww, I love love her long beautiful hair! Its soo darn pretty. I'm very happy she did so great getting her hair done, but Brandie is such a sweetheart!

♥Southern Gal said...

Hi! They are just too cute! :)

The Empty Envelope said...