Friday, January 16, 2009

I have been blessed by a fabulous blog award this week! I think honesty is very high on the must have list of virtues, so to me this award means a lot! So my thanks goes out to The RaMbler who bestowed it upon me! :)

The rules for this award are:
First, choose a minimum of seven blogs that you find brilliant in content or design. Secondly, show the seven winners' names and links on your blog, and leave a comment informing them that they were prized with “Honest Scrap". Well, there’s no prize, but they can keep the nifty icon. Lastly, list at least ten honest things about yourself.

So here is my list in no particular order :)

1. To Maureen over at Dolphin Designs her blog is neat and she always comes up with cool post ideas that she shares with us over at 2p's!

2. My dear friend Terri whose blog is inspiredbeyondjustbreathe2 . She is a fellow scrapper and also is just a good soul!

3. Paige who I talk of often on my blog. She has a cutie patootie toddler too and you can read all about their life at Mommy to a Charli Girl!

4. Samantha who also experiences life in fabulous Scotts-vegas! She writes about it all over at The Highs, The Lows and The In-betweens .

5. Ashley from Double Trouble. I think her blog name says it all and you will all know how I relate to that! :)

6. My mother-in-law who has been a bad blogger lately. Maybe this award will inspire her to go ahead and post something already. Geez, you haven't done anything since last year!!!!!!

7. And last but not least Audrey who blogs at Lil Booger Bows . She combines super cute photos of her little booger with lovely hair bow goodness that her ridiculously creative self makes! Check it out!

So with that part accomplished now the tough part :) Ten honest things about myself---

1. I bite my nails. I quit every several months and then start back again. I have ever since I was little. Oh well.

2. I would rather get a well-worded card than a fancy no-thought present any day. Words to me are better than any store bought gift.

3. My mom died when I was ten. She drove drunk. Losing her forever changed me and made me into the person I have become today.

4. I think avacado's, artichokes, and asparagus are yummy!!!

5. I am in the midst of a major scrapbook studio cleaning, organizing and purging session. It started at the first of the month and I am hoping to be finished by spring! Keep your fingers crossed.

6. American Idol always makes me cry. I know weird, but any time they show the back stories on the contestants even the bad ones who can't really sing, I tear up.

7. I tend to laugh if someone falls down or if my husband hurts himself. Mean I know, but it is the truth! I usually make sure they are okay, but once that is established watch out. I will laugh til I cry!

8. Facebook is open on my computer at all times! I love to keep up with everyone's "status"! :)

9. Sometimes at night if I don't want to get up with the twins I tell Jordan I was just up with them and put my cold feet on him until he gets out of bed. (this is an honesty list afterall!!!) For those of you who know him, if you let him in on this you will be officially on my list! So let's keep it our little secret!

10. Whenever I hear that song "I bust the windows out your car" I turn it up really loud and sing along. Not sure who sings it or why I love it, but I think I must secretly wish I had done that back in my younger years! ;)

So there ya go, probably more than you ever cared to know about me, but oh well. That's a risk you take when you read my blog. Have a good weekend and I will try to post some new photos soon of the exciting happenings in the world of the Clay's!



Paige said...

Thank you as always. Very happy that you let me in on your fun =)

I don't think it is weird that you cry whenever you watch American Idol. The show the other night, where the man's wife had passed away, just about made me cry also! I feel your pain there. I love your number 9, someday whenever I find my "prince charming" I am SO going to do this! Your number 3, brought tears to my eyes. You know God works in the most mysterious ways. Not saying anything by this but you are a wonderful person and Mother..whatever made you into who you are is pretty amazing =)

okay...enough of my 4 am. ramblings.

Chris said...

You are such a neat lady and I always like learning new things about you.
I like avacodos too. I don't have a facebook account but am thinking about one. I am sorry to say I don't watch American Idol and never have. I do always "bust the windows out" in my car when I listening to the radio. Sometimes the boys are okay with it and sometimes not depends on the song.

So if you want to play along with the letter post I will give you the letter L. Good luck with your post I can't wait to read it.

Anonymous said...


I found my way here from your comment left on my blog. I love visiting others so thank you for the opportunity.

I got a chuckle out of your post here - you and I have alot in common. I use to bite my nails fierce and I always laugh when my husband falls or has some mishap. Our joke is that I just wave goodbye with a smile on my face as he is driving away to the emergency room again. His last mishap was for a cat bite -

Be good.

the RaMbLeR said...

Pssst....I won't tell on you for #9- I do the same thing sometimes! hehe

I agree with Chris...such a neat lady!

I have another award for you...come and see and grab it!

terri d said...

THanks Girl for the hono of being your friend. I love your blog and check it daily and sometimes I try to post and it don't take it but I do try!!! Have a good Sunday and I hope you get to come and scrap with us girls!! LMK

Hugs Terri

Maureen said...

Thank you for the award.