Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What am I gonna do with this girl?

Kyndall is the wildest girl I have ever met. She loves to yell, dance, sing and just be all around goofy. The only time she ever stays still is when she isn't feeling good. I am not sure what to make of this wild child sometimes! I think she may grow up to be a rocker, or a world traveler, or even a dancer. I have a feeling she is going to crave adventure her entire life. It is fun to see her personality develop more everyday. She definitely gives her daddy and I a workout when it comes to keeping up with her. She has such a free spirit. She would rather run around naked than ever have clothes on. That's why we had to change back over to zip and snap p.j.'s cause with her two pieces she would strip out of them just as soon as we took our eyes off of her for a minute! She has her own ideas about where and when she should do things. She thinks she is in charge of both Claire and Keaton. I guess in a way she feels like the queen of this castle and they are her subjects who do what she says! That will be okay, I guess, as long as she remembers who the REAL boss is around here!!! HHHHmmmm, what are the odds of that! LOL! :)

Well happy Tuesday everyone. I will be back to blog more later, since I have been terribly absent from the blogosphere this past weekend. TTFN!


terri d said...

Cute photos of her to scrapbook of course!! LOL Take care and enjoy her adventures!!! See you soon!!


Chris said...

How cute. Maybe she will grow up to be a famous Rock Star! Then she can take care of you. LOL!