Monday, March 9, 2009

Geez, where have I been????

Well friends, I think I may have momentarily lost my bloggin' mo-jo. But have no fear, now that several of the large tasks I was busy with are done, I think it may have found it's way back home! :) So sorry to keep any loyal readers that I might have in the dark about what is going on with me, but let's face it, I have been BUSY!!!! Here is a run down of my past few weeks.

First of all the weekend before my big tag sale with Andrea, Tricia, and Brandie at the Washington Building Claire became really ill. It started with a really high fever that Sunday night. It was 104 and she was shaking and having a really hard time breathing. So off to the E.R. we went. We even went the extra distance to Bowling Green in hopes of getting her the best care possible (which would ultimately not be the case) Anyhow, after a four hour wait, they called us back and saw us for all of four minutes. Diaganosed her with a double ear infection and put her on an antibiotic. Since the extra tylenol they had given her in Triage had brought her fever down under 100, I was okay with the diagnosis. So we decided to go on home and just monitor her overnight. Claire is usually the first one up in the mornings and the next day she was still asleep long after the other two kids were up. Very strange, but I tried to tell myself that it was the late night at the hospital catching up with her. So by 10 a.m. I was on the phone to her dr. cause something just didn't feel right about what they had told me the night before. So that Monday I got to spend ALL day at the graves gilbert clinic with all three kids in towe, having every test run on Claire under the sun, because low and behold the E.R. had told us incorrectly and she had NO SIGN of ear infection AT ALL. Needless to say I was a little hot about the crappy service we had gotten at the E.R. And on top of everything else we were back at square one in regards to what was wrong. So they began the tests at GGC.... Bloodwork, RSV, flu, strep. Poor thing was worked over good! All the illness tests came back negative, but her bloodwork showed an extremely elevated white blood cell count. We still weren't sure what the problem was and had to wait 48 hours for the bloodwork cultures to completely develop. The next day, they thought she would have to be hospitalized since she kept getting sicker and wouldn't hardly eat or drink. But praise the Lord she did start to take her bottle once I got her back over the the GGC and she was able to produce a urine sample for them. So they were confident that she wasn't dehydrated, and gave us clearance to go home and keep waiting. By this time she had been given two Rocephen shots, so I was hoping they would be so strong they would nab whatever was ailing her. Long story short, after almost a full week back and forth at the dr. office, several shots, tons of tests, and a lot of sleepless nights later we never did get an official diagnosis of what was wrong. She basically had an infection somewhere that her body was fighting. Lucky for us, she got better and is back to her old self, and no one else in the house got sick either! That is a blessing in itself!

So the rest of the week, I prepared like a mad woman for my huge tag sale. Luckily for me my friends helped me to unload, price, and sort my stuff until 3:30 a.m. the Friday night before the sale. But man was it worth it. I never realized how much stuff I had accumulated for these kids until it took up half of the building where the sale was! I should have taken a picture of it all! You all would be shocked! But as I said, it was worth every ounce of effort. We had a great turnout and I sold a ton of stuff! All in all it was a great day, condsidering I made money, got to spend time with my good friends and had more space to fill up with stuff in my basement when it was all said and done! :)

This past week was filled with then preparing for the Lil Angels Attic sale. I didn't really pressure myself to much with it. I just put a little over one hundred things in it. Since most of my stuff was still organized from my sale, it was easy to tell what I wanted to include and what to leave out. Weds. I got to drop my stuff off and work my volunteer shift. The kids all went to the childcare that Broadway provided and liked it a lot. Kyndall had a blast and would have stayed all day if I had let her. Keaton and Claire were really good, but when nap time rolled around they definetely wanted to be in their own beds, so we packed up and headed back home. I was glad to have gotten a good time to drop my stuff off on Weds. Last time I didn't bring my items until Thursday and by then the sales floor was so full that my stuff didn't make it out for the pre-sale that night. I think having it there earlier helped a lot. I sold over half of it and was surprised that some of the things that didn't sell last sale were the first to go this year. Just goes to show that you never know. Of course the best part for me was shopping the pre-sale. I got a bunch of great stuff and got everything at great prices! I was totally happy. I went back on Saturday for the half off day and got great items then too. I love a good deal. And to me as long as I make a little more than I spend, then the sale is a success! That isn't the same philosphy Jordan goes by, but oh well! He didn't do all the work getting ready to sell the stuff, so he doesn't get a vote in that matter.

Wednesday was a hard day for me, so it was good that I was busy with the sale. The twins first birthday was that day and I am still having a struggle with the fact that my babies aren't really babies anymore. Since we aren't having any more kids, it makes each birthday that mine have a little bittersweet. Each milestone that they reach, will be the last one that I get to share with an infant. They are no longer so dependent on me. They hold their own bottles, go where ever they want to play, don't want to stay long when I hold them. It is really just a sad, sad realization that my kids are all growing up. I know that I don't need to have any more kids. Three is perfect for me, but I still get a little twinge of wanting when I see a girl who is pregnant or see a newborn baby. I think it is even harder for me to get past, because I feel like I missed out on enjoying so much of the twins babyhood. It is hard when you have multiples plus a toddler to truly enjoy the small things that they do, that you so quickly forget, yet long to have back. I know I am blessed to have three wonderful, healthy, beautiful kids and I am in no way complaining. It is just starting to become real how quickly they grow and if you don't write down or photograph things while you can you might never get that chance again! Boo hoo!!!

Well I think that brings us pretty much up to-date on our household. I am still working hard at my diet/exercise and first place. I have lost almost 13 pounds. So that has been really positive. I am on the right track. I tackled step aerobics again tonight, and no matter how hard it is, I have vowed to keep on truckin'! I want to get lots of use from the YMCA membership I am paying for! :)

A year in pictures/review!

Who knew 365 days would go by so quickly! Above is a photo, from the first few days the twins spent in the NICU. Even though I don't feel like a year has passed since then, their time there in the hospital does seem very far away. I am so glad they are healthy today!

One of the pictures we have of all four of us. Kyndall is missing since she wasn't allowed in the NICU. I still cry looking at their sweet little bodies and perfect round heads. Even though you can't tell here, they each had such distinct personalities right from the start, that they have stayed true to even today. AMAZING!

So small and sweet, they used to put up their arms and turn their heads exactly the same way when they rested. It was like even sleeping, they knew what the other was doing. :)

First fourth of July celebration at our church. I always thought that both kids had a lot of hair then, but looking at it now, they both seem a little bald! LOL!

Claire Elizabeth around six months old!

Keaton Tyler around six months old also!

365 days later, so grown up and independent. Hanging out in the morning having one of their only bottles of the day and watching Sesame Street with their big sister. So grown up! :)

One her actual birthday! I was trying to get a good picture of Claire and Keaton together, but she had other ideas! This was after she crawled away at lightning speed and then turned around and laughed at me when I chased her! This girl is WILD! :)

This was the best picture I could get of Bubby Keaton, he kept shutting his eyes, I guess the flash was hurting him. But you can still see what a little man he is growing into. Those blue eyes and that blonde wavy hair just melts my heart. He is momma's boy! :)

Well that is all the pictures for now. I could upload them all night and never be through. There is one thing these kids don't lack and that is photos! Even though I do look back and wish I had taken a few more to remember everything. But oh well, that would just be more to scrapbook. Hope everyone is doing well and I promise to be a better blogger......just let me get the twin's first birthday party out of the way this next weekend! :) SHEW!


Paige said...

So a lot of this blog reminded me of our talks that we had this week while waiting in line at the sale. lol. I am so very glad that Claire got to feeling better! I'm not sure if I have ever mentioned to you that we always take Charli Beth to TJ whenever she is sick. First due to the fact that her doctor is located over there and second, their pediatric floor is amazing! I've became very close with a lot of the nurses of there in the past three years (which I guess could be a bad things too but they are all very friendly). Keaton is so cute and just so laid back looking in every one of his pictures! Now Claire on the other hand does look like she is going to have a bit of the wild personality she looks like so much fun! I'm glad that you did so well at your sale. I am going to have to take your advice and do the same as you did as it is looking that I will not have anymore either and if I did it will be forever from now so I can just start all the way over. Oh how fun!

Betty said...

Hey Ivana, great to see you last week. So glad to hear Claire is feeling better - but what a fiasco trying to find out what was going on.

Your babies are so precious and you and Jordan are very blessed.

Take care and I know we'll keep in touch, thru the ties of blogging, scrapbooking and Facebook!

terri d said...

Hey Ivanna

Glad things are getting back to normal. I didn't know Claire was so sick. Glad she is better how scary for you guys.

Glad you done good at your sales, it must have been a mess with her sick and all. If you ever need help I will be glad to give you a hand so I can play with the babies!!!

Hope you can come scrap with us sometime we are doing a 3 day thing for National scrapbook weekend if you need some me time!!!!HINT HINT HINT!!! It would be a good Mother's Day present for you so start planning now girly..

Hugs Terri