Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bathtub Picasso!

Some of Kyndall's newest creations! But don't worry folks those are crayola "tub soap" crayons. Just the perfect thing for the girl who loves all things crayola! I am not sure when Kyndall's obsession with coloring/drawing/writing began, but she loves to create! (wonder where that came from?) LOL! So we figured that why not combine coloring and bathtime two of her favorite things. She got these crayons as one of her little gifts on the twins first birthday. As you can see she put them to quick use. Luckily for us they are washable, but I had to take a few photos before I washed off she and her daddy's masterpiece! She did the scribbles and instructed him to write the names of all of us on the tub! So this was a combined effort! If I could put it on the fridge I would. Nothing is better than seeing the works of art that my girl creates! Move over Picasso, here comes Kyndall! :)


Lida said...

So cool now they have this sort of thing so kids can be creative everywhere! Love ur blog!

Paige said...

AW! this looks like tons of fun! Great artwork!