Monday, March 23, 2009


I am tired of being tired. Poor Claire has been sick for a month now and it is about to wear me out too! RSV is the latest lovely illness to attack our house. As crappy as that is, at least it is better than a mystery sickness with no real course of treatment. So now the twins are on breathing treatments every four hours. Which translates into me feeling like I am giving a treatment at all times! But if it gets them healthy, I will do it until I am blue in the face! I want HEALTHY, HAPPY kids back.....not the crabby, cranky, clingy, snotty, coughing, monsters that have been hanging around here lately! :) So for now it looks like the kids are heading in the direction of healthy, thank the good Lord, cause I don't know exactly how much more this momma could have handled. I am not sure I will know how to act if we don't have to make four trips to the dr.'s office this week! I really want everyone to get better so we can get out and enjoy some of this great weather we have been having! I am hoping that the temperatures stay nice and the sun keeps shining...that should keep everyone well too! :)

In other news, I am getting super excited for my trip back to Nebraska to celebrate turning 30 with a bunch of friends from highschool. It is almost gonna be a mini-reunion. But when you graduate with 30 people in your class, any gathering with three or more feels like a mini-reunion! LOL! :) It is always nice to go back to Louisville. It always feels the same as the last time, no matter how long I stay away. It was such a great place to grow up and if I wasn't in Scottsville, it would be my number one choice of places to raise a family. Lucky for me I ended up in a small town that is equally as great. I just wish I wasn't 12 plus hours from my old friends and all my family! Oh well, the visit will be good for me. I am just nervous about being away from my kids for the first time ever. This is my birthday present from Jordan a weekend kid-free. Which in theory sounds lovely, but putting that into practice and not being worried is entirely another thing.

Well that is all the news for now. I hope everyone else is healthier than my house is! Say a prayer for us and our sniffles and coughs! Happy Monday everyone!


terri d said...

hey girl

sorry the kids are so sick but it seems like everyone I know has something. I said a prayer for you to have non sick kiddos! I seen Jordan tonight or today I should say he went through the icing room and I hollered at him. That lady Deb Stinson and I talked to him for a minute I told him to tell you HI!!!!

Take care and talk soon

Betty said...

Oh Ivana, so sorry to hear about the kids being sick. It does seem to be going around like crazy. Hope they are on the mend soon - and the pretty weather comes back. It's pretty yucky today with the rain......