Sunday, March 15, 2009

Today we celebrated..................

The twin's turning ONE!!! It was a great day with our closest friends and family with us! We had a lot of fun, ate some really yummy cake, and watched the kids enjoy all their new toys and presents! Here are just a few of my favorite parts of the day. I won't add all the photos now, cause as you can imagine I am exhausted and it is already almost one a.m. But here is a sneak peek of the action with more to come tomorrow! :)

I was in love with the cakes that Tammy from made. AND they tasted twice as good as they looked! They were SPECTACULAR!!!!

Poor Claire is still sick, but that didn't stop her from helping to open presents. Here she is checking out the new pony that Granmom got her.

Daddy and his mini-me are grinning cause they know that cake is about to be served! These boys love their sweets!

The birthday boy! Playing with one of the many new toys that he got! He had such a ball checking everything out. He truly enjoyed every present that he got!

The party cake and the baby's smash cakes on the table prior to the party starting. I told you I was in love with these cakes! I might have taken more pictures of them than I did the twins! J/K!

Keaton was soooo sleepy by this time, but he knew something exciting was about to happen, so he managed to hold his eyes open long enough to see what it was!

Claire patiently waited on all of us to see what was going to happen next! :)

They tolerated our singing of happy birthday but look a little confused as to what these giant things are in front of them!

Keaton decided pretty quickly that he liked the cake, but he liked it much better once Micca started to help him eat with a spoon!

Claire took matters into her own hands! We had no idea that she was such a master of the spoon until today! This girl could give Kyndall a run for her money when it comes to who is the best shoveler!! :)

She really, really enjoyed herself! I am not sure what she liked best though, the spoon, or the cake?

I am pretty sure that I make this same face when I eat! LOL! :)

I for sure see more utensil time in this girls future.....but maybe not with a giant smash cake!

Keaton knows what's good he loved his cold glass of milk to go along side of his chocolate cake!

This was what was leftover when Big Bubba headed to the bath tub! This pretty much sums up the day! Exciting, messy, worked over, and a little tired looking.....but so worth every minute of work that we all put into making the party fun for the twins! I am sad that they are one, but glad that we got to celebrate it in such an awesome manner!

Hope everyone else's weekend was as blessed as mine! :)


terri d said...

It looks like you all had a blast. The cakes are absoulutely beautiful, so colorful and bright,. It looks like the kids had fun on there special day! You and Jordan are truly blessed!!

Hugs Terri

TracieClaiborne said...

Love the pictures - those cakes are adorable and so are the kids!!