Monday, March 30, 2009

Out takes of life!

If our life was a movie, here are some scenes that might end up on the cutting room floor, but are just too good to miss out on!

Keaton and his big smile complete with dimples. There is no doubt he is in action in this photo. But I love how lively and fun he looks. :)

I think this face says it all about my wild, crazy, funny, lovable, over-the-top, entertaining Kyndall! She is a bundle full of energy most days, with just enough sass to keep her tetering on the line and just enough sweet for me to love her no matter what!!

Usually one of the kids will be smiling in the group shot, but this one is just pure chaos! Which laughably is totally us!! I love that Kyndall has my car keys hangin' from her mouth and Keaton is enjoying chewing on a toy. I am not sure what Claire is up to, but lookin' nice for the camera just isn't on her agenda today!

And last but not least everyone needs a crazy hair day once in awhile, and now that Claire can wear a little pony on the top of her head, she has them quite often. This is the look she ends up with after a day of pony tail wearing, and getting too close to Keaton who loves to yank out her bow! I love it! :)


Paige said...

I love these pictures and Kendall and Claire's expressions! They are to adorable! Keaton's dimples are precious, I'm a sucker for dimples too.

CM said...

Smiling, not smiling, bad hair, funny face, dimples, chaos - wouldn't have it any other way. Grandchildren are the reward for having children. LOL