Thursday, March 19, 2009

Here is what I have been up to when I should have been blogging

So here are some websites/blogs that I just can't get enough of lately. It might explain why my own blog has fallen into such a state of neglect! But I thought I would share them for everyone's viewing pleasure!

This is a food blog that I have been scanning for like a WEEK! Each recipe looks so yummy and I love that she does step by step photos! Just in case some day I might want to make a few! For a girl on a diet this blog is like window shopping and I love it!!!

Of course an old favorite is still Pottery Barn Kids. I love that the whole site looks like spring has just blown in and is here to stay. That is what I am craving right now! :)

This site is one I am just starting to get into and explore. It is called Twinstuff. When you are a mom with multiples sometimes it can feel lonely. It is nice to be able to network with other parents who are going through the same things as you!

Bring the Rain this blog is such a story of courage, heartbreak, faith, and family. I will warn you right now, it is a tearjerker, but the message behind it of God's love and the way he works in our lives through each struggle is AMAZING!!! It is one of the places I visit most often when I am feeling overwhelmed as a mom. It just puts things into real perspective for me.

And of course last but not least is the site I could read on for a week and still find more I wanted to read about Pioneer Woman!! This gal has it all wit, humor, story telling chops, and a cowboy for a husband! Who could ask for anything more??? Not to mention her great recipes and photography ability. These things all add up to make it a must read!

So there are just a few of my daily distractions here lately. It is amazing how you could just literally go for days online and find something new at every turn. I guess that is why my list of bookmarked pages could stretch from here to Hawaii! But I love them all, and wouldn't know what to do if my list was accidentally erased! Don't tell my husband that! He thinks I spend too much time between facebook and Two Peas in a Bucket as it is! He would have my other browsing material wiped out in the blink of an eye! LOL! Have a great Friday everyone! :)

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A Fanciful Life said...

Yes, blogs can be addicting. I'm trying to spend less time reading but gosh, there are so many interesting ones out there!