Tuesday, November 11, 2008

busy, busy, busy

Sorry to be a bad blogger lately I guess life has just gotten in the way. I am knee deep in projects that I am putting together to start making some Christmas money. I have decided to set up a booth at the Primary Center's breakfast with Santa and offer some of my handmade creations. Mostly hair blossoms and specially designed bow holders for little ones. Also I am going to do a few pre-made albums for people to pick up for baby showers, holiday gifts, etc. If they like what they see and want more then I am willing to discuss custom scrapwork for future dates. I might put together a few cards to. Who knows. Basically just a hodge podge of stuff. :) I am still looking for a "business" name to put on some cards for anyone who might be interested in future purchases or products. If you have any suggestions just let me know!

I have found since I started staying home with all these kiddos that my life is much more bearable if I have a task of some sort that I am enjoying keeping busy with throughout the days. Even if it is just thinking about doing things or looking forward to something. I feel much better about myself if I have something "going on", so to speak. In Sept. I was busy with getting ready for Kyndall's b-day and the little Angels Attic sale. Then I jumped right into preparing for our big trip to Nebraska. Then once I got home from that and settled back in I decided to put my crafty skills to work. Dec. 6th is the day of the show at the primary center. So I am sure I will continue to work like a busy little bee up until that point. I will try to post some stuff on here once I get more things finished. It will be interesting just to see what all I get completed and ready to sell in this time frame! I enjoy the challenge though!

On another happy note....Jordan is on vacation this entire week and it is soooo nice to have him home. The rest of his company is off for the first week of deer hunting. He is just glad to be off work and get to see his kiddos. He stayed with all of them today so I could go shopping with Angel and Shelley. Which was super nice of him! I don't know how to act with my spouse at home and actually around to help out! We had spent the last month with him mostly out of town so this is a great treat. It is a good chance for me to get started on my projects and more importantly for us to re-connect and re-energize before the holidays get into full swing!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Veteran's Day. Take a moment and remember what this day truly signifies. If you had any passion at all about our most recent election either way, remember to thank a vet. Without them we would not have the freedom to choose things like that in this country! Please pray for all the military that continue to serve around the world. We are soooo blessed to have people with spirits like theirs guarding our country and our rights. God Bless America!

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Cheryl Lage said...

What a wonderful post...and loved your conclusion re: the vets and the debt we owe. :)

Thanks so much for coming by my blog...feel free to add a comment each day to that same post...it;ll up your chances! ;)

Your family is BEAUTIFUL!!!