Thursday, November 13, 2008

Kyndall is the newest addition to our household of football fans! However it isn't a college team like mommy's Huskers or Pro team like Dad's Titans that has caught her eye, it is the Allen County Scottsville Patriots! Micca had Brittany and her both shirts made with Jake's name and number on them. Brittany's says "Costello" on the back with his number and as you can see Kyndall's has his first name. She practiced saying "go Patriots!" all last week to get ready for the game! We let her go with Micca, Brian and Brittany to see Jacob play. She had fun except when the crowd cheered. She still thinks whenever it gets loud that people are fussin' and it scares her. It probably didn't help that her Daddy and I came too, don't kids usually act better when their parents aren't around! We should have known better! Anyhow we had a fun night. Kyndall got a new A.C.S. sweatshirt (which sounds like a.$.$) when she says it. And the Patriots beat the fire out of Edmonson County. So it was a win win for everyone! Now if I could just get her to part with her lucky shirt long enough to wash it. For goodness sake she has worn it for five days straight!!! :)

Hope everyone has a good Weekend....enjoy the last little bit of fall before it slips away into the chilliness of winter!

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