Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Let's give THANKS!!!

Since this is the month of Thanksgiving, I thought it only appropriate that I tell some of the things that I am thankful for. I wondered about how I was going to write about it all. It seemed like it would be unorganized and hard to follow if I just started to list stuff. Then out of nowhere and old friend forwarded me this survey type email today, filled with her own answers. It fit the bill for what I wanted to write perfectly! So I decided to post it here.Problem solved! So on days when I am feeling not so blessed I can look back and remember I have lots to be thankful for!

5 people I am thankful for:

This could be a long list all its own. I am blessed to have many people near and far that I care about very much!

My Kiddos...Kyndall, Claire and Keaton

My Fabulous husband Jordan Tyler

My Aunt Amy

My Mother-in-law

My church family

5 songs I am thankful for:

I could go on and on. I am a total lover of music and a pretty good in-the-car karaoke singer, but we won't go there! So here goes if I can narrow it down.....

I'll fly away....one of the best tunes ever!!

Turn your eyes upon Jesus --my favorite version is sung by Alan Jackson

Me and You by Kenny Chesney

I Can Only Imagine by Mercy Me

If I had only known by Reba

5 cities I am thankful for:

Albuquerque, New Mexico--where I was born

Santa Fe, New Mexico--where I lived with my mom on and off until I was seven

Louisville, Nebraska--where I "grew" up and consider it my hometown

Louisville, Ky--where I learned lots of hard life lessons and lots about myself

Scottsville, Ky--my new "hometown" and a place that I am proud to call home

5 memories I am thankful for:

My last summer with my mom before she died

Driving to Scottsville the first time ever with Rebekah Davis to see Jordan

The day my daughter Kyndall was born!

The first ultra-sound I had when I found out not only that I definetly was pregnant but it was also TWINS!!!

Winning Ms. Cass County and knowing how proud my family was of me! Especially my Uncle Carl!

5 material things I am thankful for:

My Tahoe to be able to comfortably haul all my kiddos around

All my scrapbooks (including the ones in progress) and pictures

My Christmas decorations.....I have had them as long as I have put up my own tree and they are one of the first few things Jordan and I purchased together when we were dating. :)

My house which may not always seem big enough but it is shelter and filled with love and laughter!

My favorite pair of jeans that I can dress up or down!

5 words I am thankful for:






5 tv shows I am thankful for:

Gosh I know this should be something deep and meaningful but we all know I am a reality t.v. junkie so I think these answers are gonna be pretty shallow! Sorry to disappoint! :)

The Real Housewives series....although Orange County will always be the first and best!

Flipping Out....which I am patiently awaiting to return with a new season.

90210...what can I say I loved it then I love it now. Makes me feel 16 again!

E!News....keeps me in touch with all my peeps in L.A./Hollywood! ha, ha, ha!

Laguna Beach....which turned into my FAVORITE....The Hills....which now sadly is turning into.....The City which I hope to love just as much. If I can focus through my tears of not following Lauren's life on a regular basis. BooHOO!!!

5 restaurants I am thankful for:

O'Charleys--where Jordan and I would go a bunch when we dated

E.G. Dumplins--the best thing to happen to Scottvegas since sliced bread! We are definetely regulars there!

Sho-gun--A place I can go to with any group of people and guarantee a good time

Blake's Soda Fountain--not technically a restaurant but we served lunch there and it was my first job ever. I loved it!

Olive Garden-it is just yummy. 'Nuff said!

5 things in my house I am thankful for:

My DVR! I know I should be ashamed but I am being honest!

The two Rainforest baby swings that were my saving grace during the first few months of being home on my own with Kyndall and the twins.

My kitchen table.....it is a good place to gather....junkmail, family, friends...you name it!

My highschool yearbooks....to prove to my kiddos I once was smokin' hot. Cause lets face it I will never look like that again! LOL!!!

My scrappin' space in my basement. I can be as messy as I want and not have to move my stuff to worry about eatin' dinner! I love having my own area off limits to kids!

Well there ya have it. A few things that I will be saying "thanks" to god for this November when I sit down to feast upon my Turkey with cranberry sauce. Yum I can hardly wait. But that is a whole other list in itself to be grateful for......So I am off to bed! Hope everyone has a good "hump day" Talk to ya soon!


Dejoni said...

We all have so much to be thankful for. Thanks for sharing!

Chris said...

You have a lot to be Thankful for. Good idea for a post.

mommy2acharligirl said...

I just love your ideas for post! They're to cute!!!