Monday, November 3, 2008

Our day at Jackson's Orchard

Jackson's has always been a tradition for Jordan and I. We have gone every year since we met. The first year we spent there was just a few months into dating with our Jack Russell terrier Dixie. So this year after us being gone most of Sept in Nebraska and October being busy and Jordan working out of town, I wasn't sure if we would make our annual trip. But luckily we did. And even though we didn't get there before Halloween we went the day after I have to say it was nice. No crowds at all. Kyndall had pretty much the run of the place and things were all on sale. What more could you ask for! Not that we won't go next year to pick out some Halloween pumpkins, but it was definetely a more enjoyable experience without all the normal crowded hassles. Especially for a family of our size! All in all we had a fun day. Kyndall got to pretty much run around the whole place. The weather was beautiful so the babies enjoyed being in the stroller. Daddy, Mom and Granmom all got to eat a few carmel apples and we even picked up a few extra pumpkins for our porch cheap. After all even though Halloween was over we could still leave our fall scence out until Thanksgiving.

After the pumpkin patch we went to Smokey Bones to eat which was yummy. I was glad that they had the Carolina BBQ sauce that I love still! Jordan was happy that they had football on the t.v. and Kyndall was just glad to get some chicken strips. :)

Jordan leaves again tomorrow for another out of town job. So I am a single momma again, but the good news is that this is supposed to be his last trip out of town for awhile. Please keep him in your prayers for safe travel and me in your prayers that I may find more patience this week as I take care of the kids! After all I will take all the patience that anyone would like to bless me with! :) Hope everyone else had a great weekend.

Oh and don't forget to get out and vote on Tuesday. It doesn't take long and no matter who your candidate of choice is, it is important to have a part in this crucial election. I am not normally a political person but I feel right now our country is at a turning point. We need to make some serious decisions to change some things that have gone horribly wrong the past few years. My church bulletin on Sunday said this " It is your Christian responsibility to cast your vote prayerfully " Please think about this and do so. And remember if you don't vote you can't complain.....:)

Happy Monday!

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