Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween 2008!!! Tricks, Treats and soooo much more!

We had so much fun as a family of five this Halloween. Below are some of the highlights!!!!!!!

Claire in her sweet ladybug get-up and of course Keaton grinning like the big monkey he is!

Claire decided she liked the photos by herself better than having to share the spotlight with her siblings! Can ya tell by that smile???

Go figure that poor Keaton had on the hottest costume on one of the hottest days we had all October! Don't worry we didn't make him stay in it long!

The best I could do with all three kiddos in one shot. Shortly after the camera click, Kyndall jumped off the couch and Keaton and Claire toppled over under the weight of the costumes! Don't worry no one was injured other than the photographer!

Kyndall and me. I have a feeling as a scrapbooker that I will forever be cursed with kids that don't love the camera! Maybe I have scared Kyndall for life already with the daily photo taking! ooopppsss.

I did however find a willing participant in my photo craziness in the form of one of my bestest buddies Angel. Don't we look absolutely smashing in our vampire teeth?

Kyndall didn't get the concept of trick or treat this year. She gladly accepted the treats but then insisted on letting Bailey eat them, while she watched!

We stopped by my old work (South Central Bank) before officially starting our evening. Kyndall had lots of fun "robbing" the bank of all their candy!

Even though we had the luxury of riding with Brandie and Shane on the golf cart through Woodland Heights, Kyndall still let her Daddy pack her as we took a break from riding. The only downside was her boots were too big and fell off everytime we picked her up. So I got the pleasure of packing them the rest of the evening!

This is how poor Jordan ended the night. Tuckered out from a long night of work and then a long night of tricks and treats. He wasn't the best host at our post trick or treat meal, but since he had been up since 3 p.m. Thursday we decided to let it slide!

We really did end up having a fun Halloween. Lucky for us Granmom and Uncle Josh stayed at our house with the twins so that we could focus on letting Kyndall enjoy this year trick or treating. First we stopped at Angel's house where Kyndall fell in love with her new pumpkin cup and helped herself to a small pumpkin from their porch! Once we got her treat bag and visited for awhile we started towards the craziness that is Woodland Heights on Halloween night! Actually this year didn't seem as crowded as years past and we were able to get in and park at Granmom's with little problem. We loaded onto the golf cart with the Lee's and the fun got under way. Kyndall had fun going around Granmom's neighborhood and seeing all the other little kids. She did a great job trying to say trick or treat and more importantly everyone was told "Thank you" by her, so we were happy with that! We only stayed out for about an hour but we really had fun. The best part of the night was when she and Hayden Grace headed off down the street holding hands with each other and holding onto their daddy's hands on the outside. It was the sweetest thing ever. I was just sad I couldn't get a really good picture since it was dark. I will never forget it though! With the exception of a small choking incident with Hayden Grace we had a fabulous Halloween! We even met up at our house afterwards with everyone for a yummy chili supper and great dessert!

This is how the girls ended the night....comfy and cozy in p.j.'s with their sugar highs wearing off.

Kyndall wanted to sit in Hayden's lap...poor Hayden! Or "Hay Grace" as Kyndall says and Hayden calls her "Kinkle"! Wonder if those names will stick??

Aren't they the sweetest?? They love each other so much.

So that was my exciting Halloween, can't wait to hear about everyone else's. Now the countdown to Christmas can officially begin for me....but that is a whole other story on a whole different day! For now I will snuggle in with a few of Kyndall's "treats" and enjoy the evening!


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