Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hooray for a productive day!!!

No I am not writing a new poem as my post title might lead you to believe....but I am celebrating the fact the I completed 1 and 1/2 whole albums today! I know, totally great! They are the 8x8 books that I am going to be selling at breakfast with Santa. And I am sure excited to have the boy and girl baby albums almost completely done! It took most of the day for me to get the first one done. But by this afternoon the ideas were a-flowing and the second book was coming together at a good pace. I will try to post some pics tomorrow of a few of the layouts. I hope to get several more books done and at least five sets of cards ready to sell at B.W. Santa next month. So I am crossing my fingers that time and fussy babies will allow me to do so.

In other news, Kyndall is still the funniest kid I know. She was hilarious this evening being silly and just actin' the fool. She was in the dancin'-ist mood you have ever seen and everytime one of my ringtones would go off on my phone she would break it down! She cracks me up! I have been trying to sneak and get some home video of her dancing but everytime she sees the camera she is more interested in trying to run it herself than being filmed. Sheesh! How is a mom supposed to thouroughly embarass you when you are 15 if you don't allow me to take incriminating video now? Smart kid I guess! Me not so much, to this day I have hidden multiple pictures of me with my finger in my nose around the age of 3! What can I say I guess I was a digger? Oh well.

Well I am trying to do better about going to bed early. Especially since I have a long day tomorrow, including Jordan out of town all tomorrow night, I had better head that way. I am proud of myself, I may get some shut eye before 1 a.m. This might be the record for the week.

Hope everyone had a fun Saturday night!



Paige said...

Aren't two year olds hilarious! She sounds like a little character! I am sure you have so much fun with your three little ones.
Congrats on your productive day. I have not done a thing ALL day, due to the rain (this is what I am blamming it on). lol. I have tagged you in my blog..who would of thought? =)

Have a great Monday!

Liberal I am. Bona fide I be. said...

HA! I thought I was the only one that used 'dancinist" haha! That is too funny!