Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Just some thoughts

Well now the election is over. I for one, am glad that we have a new political party coming into power in Washington. Things there need to change!!! Mine is not the majority view here in this small town of Scottsville. It is strange to feel the same as so many other Americans do about a candidate, but yet to feel like a minority in your own town. I wasn't always in the Obama fan club, but it took a lot of research and fact finding to make my decision of which candidate would lead our country in the proper direction. I feel sad that so many people have based their ideas about our president-elect on chain emails, internet urban legends, quotes out of context and a few words strung together from various sources. It frustrates me that there are people in this town and beyond who take these things for fact and won't go the extra mile to verify the information that they read. For goodness sake I could send out a chain email that says the sky is pink and chunks of it are falling in my backyard and some folks would take it as the gospel.

I personally feel the best man won. I did a lot of research in the days leading up to the election and I know that voting for Obama was the best choice for me and more importantly for my kids in the long run. I know he is young. I know he has less experience than John Mccain. But I also know that those things have put a hunger in his soul, a fire inside him to get into Washington and start to pick up some of the pieces from the last eight years. I think he has a good plan. And yes we all know that his plan won't go exactly as he may want all the time. But do any of ours? He is still human. But I do feel confident that he will keep his promise to try his best and above all else always be honest with the American public.

Some friends have questioned how I can vote for someone who they felt is pro-choice? After much reading on the website I felt like many questions had been answered for me. I prayed about my decision. I felt the need to speak to God more about this election than any other I have ever been a part of. He answered me in many ways. Including the fact that if I am pro-life truly that means all life!!!! So for me to vote for a candidate who may or may not have any plans to end the killing of our soldiers in Iraq was just not an option. Those soldiers lives are important too. So killing them needlessly to me seems just as bad a sin as killing the unborn. Also I looked at the fact that George W. Bush had 8 years in office to make abortion illegal in all states and he failed to do so. So would McCain have been any different? God gave me a passion this election year. I have never been so moved by a candidate as I was by Obama. And I feel like the Lord had much to do with this. He opened up my heart to see him as more than a politician but also as another American citizen who had struggles just like the rest of us.

I had to make some tough decisions and choices when it came time to vote this year. But I don't believe it is a bad thing. It forced Jordan and me to look more closely at ourselves and our families needs and beliefs. We weighed more issues and talked more politics than we had ever done before. He and I didn't always agree, but the things we decided were important to us also were plainly in the fore front of one candidates mind....Obama.

So for us last night was a small victory. I say small because there is still so much work left to do. I think most of us would agree that with times like they are becoming the president of this nation would not be a job we are standing in line for. It is going to take lots of hard work and Barack will probably face many challenges as he works to change some of the things that have gone terribly wrong in Washington. He has large issues that will surely be challenging.....the economy, healthcare, the war in Iraq, controlling the Taliban. These are all of great importance. But I think he is prepared to start the job. I know that everyone last night kept commenting on how subdued he was during his acceptance speech. I feel it was justly so. He knows the job ahead of him. He knows the struggles he is facing. He knows this country is in trouble and we are putting our faith in him to fix it. Not a small task for any man or woman. I am sure all these things were in his heart as he was speaking. But we have to realize that as an American public he can't do these things alone. We must put aside our political differences and come together to support him. He spoke last night to those whose vote he didn't win and said that "he would be their president too". This is very true. He is reaching out across party lines and we should as well. No matter which political side you are on, or which candidate you voted for we must accept that Barack is the man on the job now. Let's continue to pray for our country and pray for our president and hope that we see a new Washington on the horizion. A Washington that we trust, that we can be confident in. A Washington that makes us proud again to be Americans.


Corby said...

Glad to here you're a fellow Obama fan!

ali said...

Great post! What a wonderful job expressing your opinion and helping those of us put words to our emotions. Love it!