Thursday, November 20, 2008

Geez, what is this the WWF?

Maybe one day my kiddos will be famous. Who knows. I think that judging from the pictures above and what goes on in my living room floor on a daily basis they all have a great shot at the World Wrestling Federation. Now if they start doing flying jumps off my couches on top of each other we are gonna have problems!!! Maybe they will be content for a little while wallerin' each other in the floor. A momma can only hope for no injuries and to not have to step in and referee too much! Hmm, seems like Keaton is the common denominator in all these wrastlin'/hug matches. I always knew he looked like a trouble maker. That is just like a boy. I will need to be keeping my eye on him!

Happy Friday everyone! Cause it is now officially Friday with me typing this at 12:35 a.m.! Long live the bloggin' insomniac!


Dejoni said...

They are so cute!!!! But they do need some fancy, spancy wrestler outfits! LOL!

Chris said...

How cute!