Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas card out takes!

Kyndall and her grouchy face!

Claire looking constipated and Keaton wishing he was somewhere else!

Hey Keaton, the camera is over here!!!

Chewing on the darn ornaments AGAIN!!!

Claire showing off her new found talent of waving!

It was a big job to get a few decent pictures of the kiddos this year for our Christmas card. Most every other year we go to have professional photos made. But this year since I am staying at home now, I tried to be thrifty and do photos of the kids in front of our Christmas tree. I thought I had a good plan to try to do Kyndall and the twins each separate in hopes of getting a good photo of each to combine onto one card. I figured Kyndall would be the hardest, so I did her photos first and surprisingly got several that I liked and it only took us about 15 minutes. I was so glad she cooperated. But the babies more than made up for it! It took me two days and several different outfits before I even got a so-so photo of each! Which is funny to me, cause it seems like I take good candid shots of them all the time! Just goes to show that when you need a good picture the subjects won't always play along! So needless to say after several days of photo taking and three hours on the computer trying to find a card that accommodates three photos I am finally done. Now I am just sitting here with my fingers crossed hoping that they arrive from Shutterfly before Christmas Day :)

In other news, our weekend was pretty busy as always. We spent Friday and Saturday shopping until nearly midnight both nights in an attempt to knock out our last few Christmas purchases and doing a major grocery restock! It had been awhile since we had a BIG grocery shopping trip and I had some Christmas gifts that needed to get bought and passed out! We are mostly done and I can't wait to get it all wrapped and under the tree. The late night shopping trips got the twins a little off their sleep schedules so I will pay for that this week as I try to get them back on track.

Sunday was church for us as usual and we experienced the most wonderful Christmas Cantata at our service. It was a beautiful combination of old Christmas songs along with some new that I hadn't heard before. It was titled "Welcome to Our World" and was created by Craig Adams. In each medley there were soloists and after each of the medley's was narration that told the wonderful story of the birth of Jesus. Even though the story is familiar to every Christian it was amazing to hear it put to music and singing. It was an absolute blessing to us!!! We had several amazing soloist perform, but I have to say that one in particular brought me to tears. Lisa Bryant had lost her voice and was unsure if she was going to be able to sing. But she was going to give it a try with Nathan's help. She got up there and was going to start out slowly, but her voice was suddenly there and strong for the song "AMEN". Nathan didn't even have to help her! It was truly a miracle from God. She couldn't even talk prior to that song and the Lord gave her the power to sing that song strong, beautiful, and clear. It was upbeat, inspiring and my favorite part of the cantata. Her voice is a blessing and I am so glad that she was able to share it with us! Good job to all the cantata participants it was a great way to celebrate this joyous season!

Well that is all for now. I have two babies that want to get up from their naps. So I hope everyone has a good week and gets lots of holiday tasks accomplished! TTFN!

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Chris said...

Even the out takes are cute. You have beautiful children.