Monday, December 1, 2008

Thoughts on a snowy Monday afternoon---

I give up!!! I tried a few practice photos the other day just to see what was going to happen when I take the kiddos to have their phots professionally done for Christmas. So these are the shots I got. Not exactly what you wanna see coming at ya on our Christmas Card! SIGH!!! I am pretty sure my only option at this point is to photograph all of the kids apart and then do one card with multi photos. So much for family unity and love! HA! :)

Hope everybody had a fun Turkey Day. We were pretty low-key. Enjoyed the beautiful weather with all the family and kiddos on Jordan's side. That night we headed to The Lee's to eat again and just relax. It was nice to not have to rush around as we have done on lots of holidays in the past. Just a laid back day. What every holiday should be in my opinion.

I resisted the urge to partake in Black Friday and instead stayed home with the kiddos so Jordan could go hunting and to the playoff ACS game that night. I don't really think I missed out on too much. After looking over the ad's I had pretty much decided there was nothing I "had" to have anyhow. I did get out Saturday to shop, after I spent a few hours that morning decorating our church for Christmas. I still got lots of great deals and was even surprised that Wal-mart had two of the things that I was assuming would have been sold out on Friday. So I picked up two of the kids Santa presents at good prices. The mall wasn't insanely busy and we even managed to drag ourselves to Toys R Us before we went home. So it was a productive and fun day!

Well off to get Kyndall who is up from her nap. Have a good Monday!!!



Chris said...

They will still take a cute picture no matter what.

terri d said...

This is what makes the family memories girl! In years to come you will look back at these pictures and remember why they look that way! LOL Are you going to join us at the clubhouse on the 12th or 13th??? Hope to see you there? Hugs Terri

MOMMY-MOMO said...

oh my goodnes...They're adorable!

Paige said...

I love the pictures! Esp. the one of him biting or sucking on kyndalls shoulder! lol. They look like tons of fun! It seems like yesterday that I was keeping up with you twin-pregnancy! lol.

Multi-photo pic cards are always cute! I think that I am to run out of time on doing the card idea that I wanted to get sent out. I'm such a slacker =) lol Hope you have a good rest of the week!

Cheryl Lage said...

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You will be able to pick your choice of the grandma tote or twin daddy tee!

Please send me an email at cheryl [at] with your choice (and size if you select the daddy tee) and a mailing address and I'll forward it all to Beth at Multiple Moms Rock! Congratulations and thank you so much for playing along!