Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas is........

This totally awesome wall unit, which I would put in my bedroom to show off anything and everything! And it is a steal for only about $5,000.00!

A pink (which is of course my favorite color) Ipod to get me motivated to workout and have all my favorite music close at hand always! Oh and if you have any nice looking personal trainers that would be appreciated as well.

The Ultimate in camera bliss....the Nikon D60. It will be mine one day, even if I have to sell a vital organ to make it happen! LOL! So please Santa don't let it come to that and make it happen for me! :)

A totally comfortable, cozy, relaxed bedroom with sound-proof walls, that I can slip away into and get some quiet time for me each day. And the bed doesn't look to shabby for napping either. I think Nate from the Oprah show would be willing to come and do the decorating. Especially if he got a personal invite from you big guy!

And last but not least this awesome scrap-box! I know, I know I already have a studio, but I think I would be soooo very organized and get lots accomplished if I could organize my most used stuff into each of these little cubbies! Plus I just love the black beadboard!

Oh and I couldn't get a photo but would also like the 2009 Chevy Corvette ZR1. I think you can get them for next to nothing right now....just a little over 100g. Color doesn't matter as long as it is silver or white! LOL. And please bring me a babysitter too, cause when I am out driving my car with two seats I won't have any room for three carseats so the kids will have to stay behind.

Well that about covers it. I am sure Jolly old Saint Nick remembers my long list of years past so I am sure he will appreciate the shortened version. So Santa if you happen to be a regular reader of my blog, I think I have been good all year. So please check your list for my name. And don't worry about bringing the big stuff and fitting it down the chimney....bring it all I will leave the front door open and the porch light on for ya! :)

Ho! Ho! Ho! or should I say HA! HA! HA!

p.s. Not to try to sway you or anything, but no good mommy present, no good cookies at the Clay house. And I can't promise that the milk will be in date if i don't get something off the list! Just a thought Santa. :)


CM said...

Does the scrap box come with the cubbies? I think you might could get new bedding but the soundproof walls are probably a no. You have an Ipod somewhere.

FlipFlop Mom said...

OHHHHHHHHHHHHH this was great.. and I think I could ask for all that stuff too.. however. if I may make a suggestion.. go for the nikonD80!! I have it and LOVE IT..

Paige said...

oh myyy...I love your list. Esp. the bed with the sound proof walls. How nice would that be? I would also take the car? I love the pink Ipod to of course..I need something to get my rear end motivated to work out for sure! I also love the camera...I'm jealous of your Santa wish list, I cant think of anything that I just want want want or even wish for. LOL, i just read your p.s. you are 2 funny!!!