Sunday, December 7, 2008

A day in the life of a cow in the Christmas Parade!

All bundled up to head to the Miller's and get our float to town. By all bundled we mean: tights, a pair of p.j.'s two more pair of socks, fleece pants, then jeans, two shirts (not including p.j. top) and then jacket. Hat on her head, furry croc boots on her tootsies and mittens on the hands! I can't even believe she still fit into her carseat!!

Spending a little time with Ali and Maddie before we hop on our float to get judged before the parade! Man is is cold outside!

Running around with Daddy who is much colder than Kyndall cause he isn't in a fuzzy cow suit!

Waiting for the judges to check out all of our hard work! Don't you just love the greenery on the manger in the background? That was mommy's favorite part!

Done with judging and waiting, and waiting, and waiting for the parade to begin! This is one patient cow!!!!

Okay, so the patience comes in spurts...but all in all we had a great afternoon/evening and finally got to head out onto the parade route. Kyndall loved riding through the crowds and waved at lots of people. She and Daddy sat on one side of the float and mommy and Patricia sat on the other along with all the other kiddos who made up our live nativity and heaven scences on the float. It was definetely worth all the work that we put into building it and we can't wait to come up with a new float for next year!!! Moo-rry Christmas Everyone!


Elizabeth said...

Oh my goodness! What a CUTIE!!

Chris said...

How cute is she! She kind of reminds me a little of the little boy in the movie A Christmas Story when his mom bundles him up before sending him off to school and he can't put his arms down. LOL! At least she looks warm. I hope you had a fund day at the parade dispite the cold.

Paige said...

she is to cute! I didnt get to see her when you guys went by I just pointed and said, "charli beth thats who mommy was telling you about" I had charli bundled up just like but she had on carhartt coveralls too. She looked like ralphie on the christmas story..she walked into a store and fell down in the floor I had to help her up. It was sooo funny! Btw, your a sweetie too and thanks for my comment!