Sunday, December 28, 2008

Just a few reasons why......






I have been a bad blogger lately! But it seems life has just been really hectic with Christmas coming and going and all! From the photos above I guess that is just a little piece of what I have been up to, so you all wouldn't think I fell off the face of the earth!

Photo 1: Our house late Christmas Eve after Santa had made his visit and left some great loot for the kids. Note the empty milk glass and cookie plate on the coffee table and the note he left the Clay Kiddos! They are soooo spoiled! :)

Photo 2: Keaton and I at the Lee's we had a great night with them before Christmas. We ate at our favorite restaurant and then went back to their house to exchange gifts and eat some yummy pumpkin pie!

Photo 3: Kyndall had her first Christmas program at Church. This is the best photo that I got of her and one of the few times she was still. Luckily the program involved the parents so Jordan was able to sit with her up near the stage! :)

Photo 4: We took the kids to see Santa at my old work (South Central Bank) and of course Kyndall ran off screaming and crying even though she had talked really excitedly about seeing him all day long. The twins did better, but we just couldn't get any great shots of both of them at the same time! Imagine that.

Photo 5: Christmas Eve and the kiddos opened up their Christmas P.J.'s to wear to bed that night. I never realized how long it would take three kids to open up all of their gifts! Totally a new experience for this momma! :)

Anyways, that is just a little glimpse of our lives this past week and a half. There will be more to come soon, when things settle down a bit. Jordan is off all of this week too, so we will get to spend more time together as a family. Super excited to have him home with for awhile longer!

I will post again soon! TTFN! Hope everyone had a joyful Christmas and is gearing up for a fabulous 2009!!!

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Samantha said...

Your house reminds me of my house on Christmas....pretty bad huh?? Don't feel bad, I've been a bad blogger lately too, between Christmas stuff and reading Twilight, I can't seem to find the time, lol. TTYL