Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Claire @ 9 months old

Hard to believe that the twins turned 9 months old on the 4th of Dec. I am starting to see their baby-ness slip away and they are turning into mobile, spunky, sassy almost-one year olds! I am not sure where the time has gone exactly but I thought I would make a quick record of some of the new things in their lives right now as well as things that have been highlights for them from this past month. Because I have a feeling that these things are going to be a distant memory soon just like them being tiny babies is! :( But with all the fun new things they are learning and doing I don't have time to be sad much about when they were small. So here is what little Ms. Claire has been up to since turning nine months old!

*Claire had her first puffs on Sunday night. She loved them and is a lot better at grabbing them and chewing them then Kyndall was when she first started.
*We have also started giving her a sippy cup and she seems to enjoy chewing it more than actually taking drinks. But she is getting the hang of using it herself.
*Also on Sunday (12-7) she officially crawled. She has been roaming the living room commando style for some time. But Sunday she did an honest-to-goodness hand and then knee crawl. She is now getting everywhere. Today she crawled into Kyndall's room.
*She and Kyndall play quite well together. Claire is more even tempered so when Kyndall takes toys and then gives her something else it doesn't bother her much. She is just glad to be down in the middle of the action.
*She weighed 18 lbs 2 oz. at the dr. on Monday. We went because both she and Keaton were sick. They don't officially go for their nine month check up until the 15th. I will be curious to see about the height difference in the two. Claire seems much much longer.
*She still fits most of her six months clothes, except for the length in pants. I never thought I would have a long legged baby, but Claire has proved me wrong. She takes up every inch of a 6-12 pant or 9 month romper lengthwise.
*Napping is not something that is usually on Claire's agenda. She may catnap 15 minutes here and there but mostly she likes to be awake and doing something.
*There are very few times in her day that she is sitting still. Most of the time she is either in route to a new toy or munching on one she just picked up.
*Claire prefers to be loose in the floor over being in the walker or exersaucers. She likes to be in charge of her location! LOL!
*At the beginning of the month she and Keaton officially quit sharing a crib. She has her own big space now and seems to be enjoying it quite a bit.
*Food is something that Claire really likes, but she prefers the solid kind and sitting in her highchair over laying back and having a bottle. It is like wrestling a cow to get her to finish a whole bottle at one time. She is constantly trying to sit up and see what everyone else is doing. I told you she was nosey! :)
*She is very strong and can pull herself up to sitting from almost any position. She also enjoys getting wwwwaayyy up on her tiptoes and putting her hands in front of her and holding herself up.

These are just a few things define Claire at 9 months. It is so fun to see her personality emerge more everyday. I am blessed to have such a beautiful, fun, and outgoing baby in my life! :) I love you Claire Elizabeth!

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