Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Keaton @ 9 months old

My little man is getting big too. It is hard to believe that when he came home from the NICU he was under 5 lbs. He has defintely made up for lost time. Here are some of the things he is doing now that he is a big boy of 9 months.

*He enjoys the view from his exersaucer quite a bit. It keeps him out of Kyndall's direct line of fire and he has taken a liking to several of the toys that it has on it.
*His favorite activity is spinning the dinosaur wheel on the exersaucer. He is quite good at it and can make it go really, really fast!
*Although he isn't crawling yet he can roll or pull himself pretty much anywhere he wants to go.
*I wish I could say that he is sleeping all night, but that isn't true. He still wakes up most nights and needs his paci back or for one of us to tuck his taggie back into his blanket with him.
*When it comes to mealtime Keaton still prefers the bottle. He enjoys table food more now than when he first started eating but his favorite is to kick back and be held and eat his bottle. He will hold his own bottle, but still likes for someone to hold him while he does that.
*He also started eating puffs over the weekend and is still working on chasing them down and picking them up. He does well chewing though and seems to be enjoying this new adventure in food.
*Yelling is his fortay. I guess in a household full of sisters you have to do something to get noticed. I think the picture above shows him in mid yell! He should have very strong lungs!
*Keaton is a little more tender hearted than his twin sister. He still enjoys mommy holding him and laying his head down for a few minutes at a time. I have absolutely no problem with this and will continue to baby him as long as he will let me! LOL!
*Naptimes are good for Keaton. He enjoys a morning and afternoon nap and goes to bed usually with no problem.
*He is also easy to put to bed in the evenings much like Kyndall was. He just enjoys getting his taggie, paci, and fluffy blanket then he rolls over on his side and usually is asleep within a few minutes.
*Right now he is cutting his two front teeth and is also sick with a nasty cold so life for him is a little rough. We are all singing "all I want for christmas is my two front teeth" right now. It is funny that he is cutting his first teeth much earlier than Kyndall did but he is cutting the same two that she got in first as well. Most kids get their bottoms first but mine prefer the top!
*We still call him Big Bubba and his title holds true, he weighed 19 lbs 2 oz at Dr.Simmons office this week. But he still looks short to me. Max, Morgan and Bradley at church all call him "chunker" which fits him well.
*Although things are a little long, Keaton is wearing 9month and 12 month clothes comfortably. He even got two new pair of Nikes this month finally, after a long search for shoes to fit his wide "fred flintstone" foot!

I am so happy that God knew better than I and put this little boy in my life. I never thought I wanted a son until he came along. I couldn't have been blessed with a better one. He loves his momma and I love him soooo much. No matter how big he gets, he will always be my littlest baby, my youngest child and my buddy! I love you Keaton Tyler!


Chris said...

He's so cute. I remember how exciting it was to watch the boys achieve the "milestones" and just develop. I still enjoy that but just on a differant level.

Betty said...

Ivana, the babies are precious. Hope to see them sometime soon!

Paige said...

he is soo cute! I cannot believe they aare already 9 months!